If you are an entrepreneur, you must be thorough with the tax laws and other vital components useful for business. GST or Goods And Service Tax and BAS or Business Activity Statement are the two most important tax laws you should know as they will help you enhance your business. Taxes are significant for a business person to understand, so you must know the correct BAS & GST services in Melbourne, where you can get the maximum help. 

Let’s see some of the essential tips that can be helpful for you in filing GST and BAS properly. 

Record Keeping Is The Key:

If you wish to file your taxes on time, you should start keeping a record of all your business expenses. It will help you to have a clear record which will, in turn, positively impact the cash flow. Clean records can also obtain better refunds. That is why the BAS tax filing requires perfect record keeping for five years.

GST Credits Can Be Earned From Sales Price:

GST credit can only be claimed if you purchase for the business at the sale price of the suppliers. The suppliers also need to be GST registered, which will help you have a better deal. The  BAS & GST service in Truganina requires that a GST registration is necessary for any purchase for your business as it will be recorded in your business log and benefit you for GST filing. 

Separate Bank Account For GST Filing:

It is always advisable to separate your bank account for the deposit of GST money that you will receive. This will help you to pay the BAS properly and maintain the cash flow. It is better to separate the account for filing the taxes, for it will be easier for you to keep track of the revenue and other details of the tax filing.

Paying In Whole Dollars:

It is a vital tip for tax filing. You must pay the taxes in whole dollars, leaving out the cents. Also, it would help if you never rounded up the nearest dollar. 

These tips will help you to be more strategic while filing BAS and GST, which will help you proceed with your business endeavours. You must make proper decisions for filing taxes that can bring more profit.

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The author has been serving in the field of BAS & GST service in Truganina and Melbourne and wishes to spread the wisdom of business taxes.