The exact mode of working of minoxidil is not yet known. Doctors believe that, because it is a vasodilator, it dilates blood vessels so that they transport more oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles. It is also found that minoxidil helps to increase follicle size, so it can help in cases wherein follicle shrink and stop producing hair.

What does minoxidil do to healthy hair?

According to trichologists, minoxidil works best on hair loss that is due to hormones, i.e., androgenetic alopecia.

If your hair are otherwise healthy and your hair loss is just temporary due to some illness, surgery, or childbirth, you need no minoxidil for hair growth revival. Your hair loss will stop by itself within a few months. This is just your body’s response to the physiological stress put in by the illness or childbirth.

Are you sure your hair are thinning?

Some experts are of the view that you must be sure your hair are thinning. Losing 100-150 hair daily is normal. Some people are terrified seeing a lock of hair in their combs. But, a lock may contain 100 hair, which is absolutely fine. This isn’t thinning.

Better count the hair that have fallen. This will give you a precise answer.

Hair has a definite growth cycle. Some hair are in their growing stage. Some are in the resting stage. While others have completed their life cycle and it is time for them to fall off. They are replaced by new hair.

So, you must have a few strands of hair in your comb daily.

Hair thinning happens when you lose hair faster than they are replaced. As a result, your mane becomes thin. This indicates that your follicles have shrunk or become dormant and not producing enough hair to replace fallen ones.

In this case, minoxidil-infused treatment such as Keranique hair regrowth treatment can be effective.

About Keranique

Keranique is a hair care brand designed exclusively for women. Its hair regrowth treatment uses 2 per cent minoxidil. The kit contains a shampoo, conditioner, minoxidil treatment, and a hair spray.

Keranique’s treatment is especially designed to treat hair thinning problem. This is typical in women. They experience hair thinning, not baldness. Keranique is designed just for that.

So, if you are worried you will lose all your hair due to thinning, worry not. First, determine this is actually hair loss. Then, bring home minoxidil-infused hair growth treatment. Please consult a doctor, if you are suffering from some medical condition. Do not use minoxidil, if pregnant or breastfeeding.

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