There are many benefits you get from Freight audit service companies alongwith saving big spending on shipping. You will not get best results if you ask or train one of your company’s accountant to negotiate with shippers as well as reduce the parcel cost. You time and money will go in vain if you do so. This needs many years of hardwork and working experience. To deal with shipment loaders is not a simple thing. The logical idea to decrease the whole shipping burden is to contact the freight audit company.

What exactly the freight companies do?

  1. They freight auditors firstly check all the previous invoices and shipment detail of the enterprise company.
  2. Then they compare the previous detail to the present shipment detail.
  3. After that, they examine the bill by taking into considers the important factors such as shipper’s name, weight of parcel, distance of parcel from point A to point B, price of product and additional charges etc.
  4. The next step they do is to monitor the whole information or data with audit tools and special software.
  5. After monitoring and analyzing, they prepare the analytical report in which entire data is entered about the shipment. In this, they can precisely correct the errors and miscalculations provided by carrier shippers.
  6. The whole data is then provided to the company’s owner (entrepreneur).
  7. If the company is able to get handsome amount of refund by the shippers. This is done by contract negotiation. Then, some commission goes to the freight audit company as their fee.

Some freight audit companies help the business owners to track their product until it reaches to the destination.

Betachon will provide you that level of services which you can’t expect from anyone. They are expert to Negotiate UPS Rates. You observe that many shippers charge you the big amount even on small parcels. However, Betachon are best to reduce the small parcel costs and save you as much as possible. They have experienced Audit & Recovery services. Furthermore, they also handle any type of shipment compliance and transportation issues with their latest software.

Benefits to hire Betachon:

  1. You will pay only if you save something. Hence, it is risk free to hire them.
  2. You do not need any long-term commitments with Betachon. You can cancel their services when you want.
  3. They work so much rapidly with their many years of experience. Since, you can save your valuable time.
  4. You will see every detail of your previous and latest shipment by their assistance.

Betachon is a US based company which serve many business areas such as aircraft, equipment, jewelry, apparel, hardware and lot more. They also provide their services to deal with FedEx and DHL.

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