What Do I Need To Do To Get Pregnant Quickly: What To Do In Order To Get Pregnant

Although it may sound far-fetched, home remedies for getting pregnant have been effectively used by millions of women for centuries throughout history. Keep in mind, it only sounds far-fetched because of our dependence on conventional medicine, which has also developed our need for quick fixes.

I feel every woman's frustration in battling infertility, and unfortunately I felt that everything outside of what "fertility specialists" told me were myths. After all, they were specialists and wore white coats, so they must have been right. Wrong.

What I found is by taking my health and body into my own hands I could better understand the process of conceiving, and find the problem areas that need to be fixed. But wading through the world of reproductive information is daunting, and the most important thing is to find multiple sources of information contained in one place. This would eliminate a great deal of trial and error, and headaches.

What do I really need to do to get pregnant? Is it possible to reverse and eliminate infertility?

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What are the myths and facts about home remedies for getting pregnant?

Myth #1: Prenatal Vitamins Are a Complete Source of Nutrients for Fertility

Fact: Prenatal vitamins are great for bone strength and preparing the body for pregnancy in a small way. However, if you have struggled with fertility, it means that there are issues bigger than those prenatal vitamins can solve for you. For instance, you may have a problem with high levels of acid in cervical mucus which kills sperm travelling to fertilize the egg. Prenatal vitamins don't come close to addressing an issue like this.

Myth #2: Holding in Semen After Intercourse Will Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant

Fact: This is probably the most frequently heard myths regarding home remedies for getting pregnant. The fact is, whether you hold in semen for 2 minutes or 2 days is inconsequential. Sperm can survive in the body for up to 5 days. Once they are in, they're in and are trying to find an egg to fertilize. You holding semen in for too long could actually hurt you because it can cause a urinary tract infection, which leads to antibiotics to clear the UTI and ultimately ruin your chances for conceiving that month.

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Myth #3: Having Sex Everyday Increase Odds of Pregnancy

Fact: Although a healthy sex life definitely increases chances of pregnancy, it is a wide held myth that having intercourse every day will result in pregnancy. As a matter of fact, too much sex can actually decrease pregnancy odds. Sounds strange, doesn't it? It is recommended that you have sex every other day, or take a two night break before ovulation. This is beneficial because after a two or even three night break the sex will be more intense, which means more cervical mucus, and more potent sperm from your partner.

Obviously there are more myths and literature on overcoming infertility naturally. The types of foods you eat, lifestyle you live, make up you wear, shampoo and cleaning supplies you use, types of exercises and physical activity, and the types of vitamins you take all have a hand in you winning your fight against infertility.

Fertility is basically an easy process; the sperm fertilizes the egg. The reasons why it doesn't happen are immense. Arm yourself with knowledge of your body and reproductive system and what makes it stronger or weaker and you will be amazed at how fast you can win your battle.

Although we look to modern medicine as the saving grace for all of our ills, infertility is not an illness and most conventional means are not meant to correct issues with infertility.

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While looking for a cure for infertility it is unavoidable that your doctor will prescribe infertility medications for you to take. Because of our almost holy perception we have of doctors we take them wishing that these will be the magic pills that allow us to finally get pregnant.

There are alternatives to infertility drugs that work even better and are much safer to take. They have been known to work for women in their mid 30's and older, women who have had abortions, been on prolonged birth control, and have had miscarriages.

The danger in fertility drugs is that they have a negative effect on the ovaries, and have been linked to ovarian cancer, which ultimately prevents pregnancy. These are the 3 most common fertility drugs, and their effects.


This drug is meant to lower prolactin levels to normal and also allow the ovary to get back to normal. On this medications insert it clearly states that it is not a cure for the problem of infertility. So why take it? Dizziness and nausea are the most common side effects to this medication. Although long term usage of this drug will cause other immune issues which can compromise the quality of the pregnancy if you are able to even get pregnant.


This is a synthetic hormone. It is used widely to treat ovarian issues that may prevent pregnancy. However, the side effects for this drug completely contradict what it is meant to do. Side effects for Danazol include hot flashes, weight gain, acne, hirsutism, and pseudomenopause which completely stops your periods.

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The 2 gonadotropin hormones, follical stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) are produced in the pituitary glands and the secretion is controlled by a third hormone gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH). FSH and LH stimulate the ovary causing follicles to develop. When it is time for ovulation, the LH is released from the pituitary which causes the egg to be released from the mature follicle in the ovary.

Although this treatment has been regarded as the most potent, it also has the greatest risk. The side effects include over stimulation of the ovary, as well as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) which causes an enlargement of the ovary and an accumulation of fluid in the abdomen. Although, the most serious complications from OHSS is the potential for ovarian tumors and cancer.

Because of the serious side effects caused by these medications, they end up inhibiting the body from allowing a pregnancy to occur. By introducing toxins into the body to repair hormone or ovarian issues it prevents the body from naturally strengthening these problem areas, and in so doing, prevent pregnancy.

These are only a few of the drugs claimed to be a cure for infertility. I have gone through my share of drugs in my battle to get pregnant, and the only benefit I gained from them were depression and a much lighter bank account. There are other alternatives out there, natural ones that do not cause side effects and allow your body to repair itself for a natural pregnancy.

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Many women use their menstrual periods to help them determine when ovulation is likely to be on its way. Menstruation or being on your period is something that is hard to ignore, so it makes sense that this is the time that many women consider to be the beginning of their fertility cycle. And, when your period is regular, this can make sense as long as you follow with use of an ovulation predictor to confirm what you already suspect. But what happens when your cycle isn't regular? What happens when you skip a period or have more than one a month? Does this mean you're ovulating twice or not at all?

I recently heard from someone who said: "my menstrual periods have always been very erratic. There have been times when I would go for a couple of months and not have a period at all. And then other times, I've had a couple of periods in a month's time that occurred only a couple of weeks apart. Am I ovulating during the months when I'm having periods and not ovulating when I'm not having one?" I'm trying to conceive a boy baby and I know that sexual intercourse needs to happen after ovulation but with my erratic menstruation schedule, I am just not sure how to proceed."

It's very difficult to answer these questions without knowing more. Some women ovulate in the absence of menstrual periods. And some don't. Also, not all women who have regular periods are also regularly ovulating. The only definitive way to tell for sure is to see your doctor for testing (which is preferable) or to test yourself with an ovulation predictor. These predictors pick up surges in your hormones which confirm ovulation. Sometimes, when I explain this to women who don't have periods or who have multiple periods, they are still confused as to when to start testing. They will often ask me if they should wait until they have their next period to begin.

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In my opinion, waiting truly isn't necessary. People use their period as a starting point because it makes things easier. However, there is no need to wait when your cycle is so irregular. You could just as easily chose a day and test until you get a positive reading to indicate that ovulation has either happened or is getting ready to happen. The idea is that you continue to test until you get a positive. For some women, this may take a while especially if they don't ovulate on a regular schedule. And others might be lucky and find that their positive reading comes quite quickly. But testing for hormones is a much more reliable way to tell if you are ovulating then trying to use your period as a starting point and then to just guess. Because not all women ovulate mid way through their cycle and some women ovulate in the absence of periods or even when they have excess periods.

So to answer the question posed, your ovulation schedule may or may not change if you have two periods in one month. The answer really depends on the reason you're experiencing the two monthly periods and why you are have been ovulating in a regular or irregular pattern in the first place. Many people worry that irregular ovulation means you either can't get pregnant or that you can't get pregnant with the gender of your choice. This isn't accurate. It may take longer since you may have less opportunities for conception, but any time you ovulate, you can become pregnant. And any time you ovulate at the right time and then schedule your attempts at conception around that time, you can influence your baby's gender.

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When it comes to choosing gender of baby, do moms and dads really have control? The surprising answer is yes. Most soon-to-be parents have no idea that there are simple things they can do before and during conception that will dramatically increase their chances of picking their baby's sex. Mother Nature still gets to have her influence but when you know that you may be able to swing the decision one way or another, why not give it a try?

Diet can actually play a pretty significant role in choosing gender of baby. It's been suggested that if you want to have a baby boy you need to up your intake of salty foods and bananas and if you're hoping for a new daughter, foods that are rich in calcium and magnesium need to compromise a substantial part of your diet.

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Timing of conception is also a crucial element to choosing gender of baby. Making love as close to the moment of ovulation as possible, will greater increase your chances of having a son. The reason being that the male sperm are much quicker than their female counterparts and therefore can reach the egg sooner. If you want a girl you should be intimate a day or more before ovulation occurs. To determine the timing of your ovulation you can either invest in an ovulation kit from your local drug store or use a thermometer to chart your temperature each morning. When it begins to rise about midway through your menstrual cycle, ovulation is just around the corner.

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