Nowadays, the pressure of modern life and the competition from society cause more and more people to suffer from various diseases. For women who try to get pregnant, they are also facing many of the barriers, among which blocked fallopian tube is a more common malignant disease. In severe cases, it can result in women being unable to have children, leading to lifelong regrets.

What diseases can blocked fallopian tubes cause?

1. Dysmenorrhea

Long-term chronic inflammation in the blocked fallopian tubes can lead to pelvic congestion, resulting in dysmenorrhea accompanied by blood stasis. The dysmenorrhea generally occurs in the first few days of menarche, and there will be abdominal pain, which will be more and more serious until the menstruation is over.

2. Irregular menstruation

Most women with menstrual disorders are associated with some kind of diseases. Physiologically, the ovaries are next to the fallopian tubes, and when the inflammation in the fallopian tubes spreads to the ovaries, it will cause varying degrees of damages to the ovarian function, taking a toll on the female health and leading to menstrual abnormalities. Frequent and excessive menstrual flow are the most common symptoms.

3. Ectopic pregnancy

If there is something wrong with the fallopian tubes, even if the pregnancy is possible, it is most likely to give rise to an ectopic pregnancy. This is because the patient's fallopian tubes has abnormalities, which can make the fertilized egg unable to reach the uterus, and then stuck in a certain fallopian tube. As time passes, this problem will be more serious, leading to ectopic pregnancy.

4. Infertility

As is known to all, that fallopian tubes are very important to all females. They play an important role in transporting sperm, eggs and fertilized eggs into the uterine cavity. When the fallopian tubes are damaged by certain disease, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, they can become blocked, preventing sperm and eggs from joining together and causing infertility thereby.

5. Systemic problems

Severe blocked fallopian tubes can further give rise to increased leucorrhea, sexual pain, gastrointestinal disorders, fatigue, affected delivery ability or loss of ability to work. If left untreated for too long, females life will be severely impacted, accompanied by both physical and mental problems.

Therefore, for all female friends with tubal problems, it is necessary to get treated in time in any cases. Usually, herbal formula Fuyan Pill developed by Dr. Lee Xiaoping's TCM Clinic, can effectively treat the tubal blockage brought about by many inflammations. What’s more, it can improve the female immunity and self-healing ability, enabling them to own a better physical status to conceive healthy babies successfully.

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