Arthritis is a situation that happens when the safety fibrous of the combined would wear or rips away, revealing the simple cuboid which causes suffering, pain, and restricted activity of the location.

Arthritis is usually designed by those over 50 years of age, and usually impacts women. When one has osteoarthritis, they usually experience suffering due to the inflammation of the combined parts, which also causes rigidity, inflammation, pain, pins and needles, and pain emotions. Sometimes it can cause to problems and a very restricted range.

If the symptoms of osteoarthritis are existing, it is best to seek medical health care from a doctor. They will usually run exams by doing X-rays or MRI exams to determine the degree of the situation and to find out which treatment to use.

What causes osteoarthritis exactly?

It has been difficult to determine or figure out exactly what causes osteoarthritis since there are many factors that can give rise to the situation. Below is a list of possible factors to help us know what causes arthritis:

Heredity or Genetic makeup - It is quite likely that a person can create osteoarthritis because of a faulty gene that is accountable for the of fibrous is existing in the household's record which can be approved down from one creation to another.

Age - As one ages, the safety cartilages around the combined parts become more weak and have less potential to repair itself. Bone will also usually break down which will also cause malfunction in the combined parts as well as suffering.

Weight - Damage to the combined parts can also be due to the bodyweight that they have to carry or support. When one has extra bodyweight, it can gradually cause to osteoarthritis. This is why osteoarthritis in the joint and in the hip is typical for those sufferers who are obese.

Previous Accidents or Injury - When one has a record of major injuries especially in the combined parts, osteoarthritis can be designed. This is because the injuries might cause problems in the combined parts that were broken which make it simpler for osteoarthritis to happen.

Overuse of Joints - This is a typical cause especially for those who are active in sports or activities. This is because they over and over again use some combined parts which cause a lot of stress on them which can gradually cause to osteoarthritis.

Infection or Diseases - Some individuals who have a record of gouty arthritis, combined disease, or other similar health issues are vulnerable to creating osteoarthritis in the combined parts. Some types of osteoarthritis are also due to germs or viruses. Infected osteoarthritis, for example, can be designed due to surgery, if a hook was placed into the combined, or if there was an disease that visited from a different part of our bodies.

Tumor Necrosis Factor - This is a material that is created by our bodies which can gradually cause inflammation of the combined parts, which can cause to osteoarthritis.

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