When talk about promotion clothes, many items come into play. They are shirts, which includes T Shirts, Polo shirts; hoddies, caps, socks, jackets, and shoes. However these are just the general category mentioned here, there may be some extensions of these lines too.
Today the most liked and the most appreciated promotion clothes is the T-shirt that is mostly screen printed. In this category the most popular one is the fruit of Loom Valueweight t-shirt. This particular one is considered to be the appropriate for the launch of any product by the companies. Even the price charged for this shirt is affordable and much lower. Then there is another important brand in this field that is No Problem Graphix T-shirt. Though the colours offered by this t shirt are many more, but the pricing is kept lower to allow people to buy this colorful promotion clothes.
Polo shirt ranks second. They are mostly liked by many people. They are used for casual wear and are like uniform for many factories. Due to their comfortable nature, many factories and companies prefer and encourage their work force to go for this particular one. Mainly industries want to market their brand while remaining within the comfort zone of their customers. The most common and the famous brand in this category are Fruit of the Loom. The main and the fierce competitors of this brand are Uneek and Jerzee. Some people also like to wear mixture of the cotton one with the synthetic. They must opt for the proportion of 65 by 35. In these types 65 percent of cotton is mainly mixed with the 35 percent polyester.
Then comes the jackets. Besides jackets, Fleeces are also famous in this promotion clothes range. If especially talk about some cold weather conditions, jackets and Fleece are mostly preferred and liked by customers on a daily basis. Fleeces are though equally warm in their make but slightly cheap and less costly than jackets. The customized one with the full zip is the most popular options, while one with the half zip even covers head.
The above mentioned areas are those where promotion branding works in the best ever manner and is effective too. People like to wear comfortable clothes for their casual living. After spending tough and formal time at their work place, all would like to have some relaxation in their wardrobe. This is mainly done by the incorporation of promotion clothes techniques in these mentioned clothes range. The all time famous brands to choose from include Nike, Adidas and Slazenger.
Brand also offers some free coupons on their promotion clothes to facilitate their online presence in the market place. These coupons are distributed randomly among general masses however they are also marketing ways to market promotion clothes. Companies normally keep their budget separate for such efforts and at the end gain utmost publicity out of such events.
In the corporate world, they are called as the corporate gifts, are the good will generated ways of any company and build long run relationship with the market players.

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