An engineer Knowledge and skills have complex knowledge of a scientist, a mathematician, a sociologist, etc. for solving an engineering problem. Engineering studies will combine mathematics, science and technology, designing and monitoring, etc. It is a challenging and convoluted work to do. A graduate student from an engineering degree is always on demand, but the scenario tells why science and engineering are not opted by many or can say not everyone makes it do.

Important Hallmark of an Engineer
Curiosity: An engineer in his throughout life is very curious. They constantly look for a change in their work direction, to figure out how to make it better and profitable and where they should improve.

Strong Reasoning Skills: An Engineer leads to repletion process for proper planning, researching, and presenting ideas, and recommendation of his work and projects. The strong logic and reasoning skills lead to good habits of an engineer.

Expert in Communication: Doesn't matter where you work, you will not always find the same people with the same background and vocabulary. Therefore engineer needs to find across to peers, subordinate and also those above them to take their work from theoretical to physical. Therefore, an engineer should be an expert in communication.

Constant Monitoring: Every small detail of an engineer is big. So, an engineer to constantly pay attention to small details, remember what you're observing and then use that skills to innovate and create.

Creativity and Innovation: An Engineer builds many things which contribute the social welfare. Sometimes they improve existing machines, structures and systems but often they fail. You will need an incitement to create, improve, and work again for your creativity.

Great Mathematician: Engineer starts working from where mathematicians stop working. An engineer involves a lot of calculations. Spectacular, inborn maths skills and ability to build them up always plays an important role in engineering studies and career.

Engineering is an extremely wide field with a large number of area to study and work in. Also, in a significant area of studying there are more subgroups. so need to choose well for what field to choose, what is the scope? etc.

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