Chronic prostatitis is one of genitourinary diseases in men. Since severe chronic prostatitis can cause male sterility, many male friends worry about whether they will be sterile due to excessive masturbation.

As is known to all, masturbation is a common sexual behavior among male friends. Experts point out that moderate masturbation does not actually cause damage or adverse consequences to human body. But masturbating excessively will affect physical health and lead to genitourinary diseases.

The expert points out, excessive masturbation can lead to chronic prostatitis. It's mainly because excessive masturbation will cause too strong congestion in prostate, resulting in infection.

Male friends with long-term excessive masturbation may have chronic prostatitis with symptoms like fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, urinary frequency and urgency, urethral burning and so on. In severe cases, they may have terminal hematuria, drastic vaginal and rectal ache, grievous defecation, afflicting sexual intercourse and lower sexual function.

Chronic prostatitis should be discovered as soon as possible and get treated in time. Experts point out that patients should pay attention to their living habits in daily life and give up bad habits. Patients should combine exertion and rest, eat light food and keep personal hygiene clean. They should avoid smoking, alcohol and spicy food. To have a good state of mind and establish confidence to overcome the disease.

Besides, for office workers or long-distance bus drivers, the habit of sitting for a long time is common. But after having chronic prostatitis, this behavior should be avoided. Patients are suggested to move around after being sedentary for one or two hours.

Additionally, you should know that having sexual life can be similar to masturbation to some extent, which can give rise to genital congestion as well. Hence, patients should not overindulge in sex, but it doesn't mean abstinence is a right option. You can have sex life, and certainly, it is what you should have. Normally, you can have sex once a week. If there is something going wrong during sex, you should come to a stop and go see a doctor in time.

When it comes to treating chronic prostatitis, patients should adopt scientific methods. They must be aware that the disease is an intractable one and can easily relapse with careless treatment. Therefore, they should adhere to the doctor's instruction.

As for treatment method, it's often recommended to take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to eliminate symptoms. It can effectively relieve ache and improve urogenital system without side effects. But people should know that chronic diseases need a long-time management. To get a cure, men should insist on treatment for at least 2 courses, that is 2 months. But it needs to be kept for another period of time after finishing the course. You should keep in mind that stopping treatment as you feel a little better is totally discouraged.

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