Although it is the 21st century, many people – including legal experts – are still unsure of how beneficial medical marijuana truly is. However, with the growing legalization of medical marijuana, people can no longer deny that cannabis is revolutionizing the medical industry as it now being used to treat an array of different ailments. Over the past couple of years, the cannabis industry has become one of the most dynamic market spaces as sales continue to grow at an expedited rate.

Last year can be considered a pivotal point in the medical marijuana industry as many different states have legalized marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes. Now there has been a global shift towards the legalization of medical marijuana but no one could have prepared for the Corona virus to come and completely halt economic growth. Businesses all around the world have suffered massively due to the economic lockdown and sustaining a growing business has become impossible.

However, the cannabis industry continues to operate in most states via e-commerce platforms. Consumers can easily provide their medical details online and order products that are delivered to their doorstep. Many different dispensaries are actually thriving during the lockdown as their operational costs have been reduced by a substantial margin. Although these dispensaries are saving huge operational costs, there still many different challenges that they have to face.

Experts have made the following forecasts for the Post-Covid19 era for the Cannabis industry:

Regulations Will Increase

One of the most prominent forecasts of the post-Covid19 time is that regulations are expected to increase by a substantial margin. Currently, businesses have to operate with so many regulations that safeguard both the consumer and the seller. Since we are still trying to understand this virus, a cure does not seem likely for at least the next couple of months. Even after the lock down ends, dispensaries and medical marijuana businesses will have to deal with a plethora of new state regulations.

These might induce many problems for small marijuana businesses, as adherence to regulations will increase overall operational costs. However, small businesses can overcome such challenges with the help of experienced and licensed professionals, such as Jay Matos. Matos is the founder of Jay Matos Consulting and identifies as a compliance expert for Medical, Recreational, Liquor and Gaming Licensing.

Sales of CBD Products to Increase

If there is anything that this global pandemic has taught humankind, it is the fact that health is top most priority no matter what. Many people tend to disengage with such conversations because they do not want to take these things seriously. However, Covid-19 did not leave anyone with much of a choice since today; everyone has to ensure that their health is up to mark, even to get into grocery stores.

This occurrence is highly beneficial for the CBD product market since now; people are likely to ensure that they are able to obtain the benefits of CBD products in order to look after their health. Medical marijuana has long been known for its healing properties and it is estimated that once the pandemic is over, sales can be expected to increase.

Global Legalization is Expected

So far, certain states in the USA, in addition to a couple of other countries have legalized marijuana. However, the rest of the world is still considering their current political outlook towards cannabis legalization. Experts have found that this entire covid-19 pandemic is likely to cause an upsurge in the global legalization of marijuana.

Since medical marijuana or cannabis has been known for the properties that are found only in this herb, it is highly likely that the demand of medical marijuana is going to increase at a dramatic rate. This, in turn, will cause different countries and states all around the world to push in favor of legalization of medical marijuana to help cure different ailments.

All in all, these are some of the things that are expected to happen post-covid19.

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