If you have ever experienced problems with a tooth, you might have wondered 'Do I need a root canal'? Did you know what that actually means?

Root canals are done when the nerve or the soft pulp of the tooth becomes inflamed due to some dental decay and can't be restored to its original state. Sometimes a broken or an infected tooth might call for a root canal treatment. Well, there are a host of reasons why you might have to avail root canal treatment in Adelaide. Read this article to know the exact causes and symptoms of this dental treatment.

A Quick Snapshot of Root Canal Process

A root canal treatment is done in order to repair a tooth that is badly damaged and decayed. While doing this treatment, the dentist removes the pulp and the nerve from inside the affected tooth. Once it is removed, the tooth is cleaned and sealed.

root canal treatment

3 Everyday Habits that May Wreck Your Teeth

  1. Chewing Frozen Ice Cubes: As it is a natural element, you might consider ice to be harmless for your teeth. Often munching on hard and ice cubes can crack your teeth. If you are chewing mindlessly for quite some time, it may irritate the soft tissue and give you regular toothaches.
  2. No Mouth Guard While Playing Sports: Whether you play football, cricket or any other sport, a mouth guard acts as a protecting shield. This moulded plastic usually protects the upper row of your teeth. If you forget to carry it, your teeth can be knocked out while playing rough.
  3. Sticky and Gummy Candies: All sugar candies are the culprits behind tooth decay. Sometimes, it becomes hard to bear when the gum sticks to the teeth. The sugar and the resulting acids remain in contact with your teeth enamel for hours, thereby resulting in a decayed tooth.

Do You Need a Root Canal? Signs and Symptoms Demanding a Root Canal Treatment

In most of the cases, the frequent tooth pain or sign of swelling or an infection raise the alarm bell for a root canal treatment. If you are experiencing any one of the below symptoms, don't delay to contact a reliable Blair Athol dentist.

  • Constant Tooth Pain: If you are experiencing a spontaneous pain in your tooth, you need to consult with your dentist immediately.
  • Prolonged Sensitivity: If you are experiencing constant sensitivity to hot and cold food, it might be an indication of undergoing a root canal treatment.
  • Tooth Discolouration: At times, a greyish-black patch on your tooth can appear due to an infection of the inner pulp. If this is the situation, root canal treatment is a must.
  • Swelling of the Gums: If you discover that your gums are gradually becoming sore and swollen, it might be an indication that the soft tissue or the pulp of the tooth is affected severely. In such a situation, don't delay to consult with a renowned Blair Athol dentist.
  • Discharge from the Root: Drainage from the root or pain in a particular bone surrounding a tooth is an indication of an abscessed tooth. It requires an immediate root canal treatment.

Concluding Remarks

This write-up explains the reasons and the possible symptoms of a root canal treatment. So keep your regular habits in check and take proper care of your teeth to avoid painful dental treatments.

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