Jeff Randall Live (JRL) is a British Business show used to telecast regularly on Sky News UK from Monday to Thursday at 7pm ET. Being hosted by a professional Journalist Jeff Randall, the show conducted interviews with some of the top-tier businessperson, political and financial public figures, with some guests including Alistair Darling (a former Chancellor), Phillip Green (a billionaire tycoon). Jeff Randall Show was first launched as a weekly show on 24 Sep 2007.

Jeff Randall started working at Sky News permanently in January 2009 and started to host a daily schedule show instead of weekly basis that only used to broadcast during Mondays. After almost two years, in Sep 2010, Jeff Randall Live was increased to 1-hour timeslot from Mon to Thu, as a result of the termination of show which used to air 30-minutes before JRL.

In Feb 2010, the show transferred to a new studio at 30 Saint Mary Axe, London City, also known as ‘The Gherkin’. This new studio used to handle all kinds of special shows like the budget and other business-related transmissions.

During the General Election of 2010, Jeff Randal Live merged into another show and formed a new one-hour long program ‘Boulton and Randall Unleashed’. It used to broadcast during weekdays from 7 pm to 8 pm with Jeff Randal in the City and Adam Boulton in Westminster and recapitulate the daily regular election news and reaction. Boulton and Randall Unleashed remained alive till the election campaign ended. JRL was available to Stream at Watch SKY News Live.

They declared in July 2013 that the program would terminate in the summer of 2014, when Randall didn’t extend his contract with Sky News. Later, they announced Randall would host his last program on March 27, 2014.
This show was a great hit on Sky News, it is a shame though that it didn’t last long.

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