An atomizer is the heating element in a vaporizer that converts the essential oils, concentrates, and dry herbs into steam. Today, there are several different types of atomizers for you to choose from.

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Each atomizer differs in its design. Some atomizers have been designed to produce a larger amount of vapors; some atomizers are specifically designed to produce a tastier vaping, and other atomizers have been created to offer a deeper “throat hit”.

Atomizers are normally used with a separate cartridge or tank that is filled with essential oils or dry herbs.

Choosing the right atomizer depends on the preference of the individual user. However, here is a general guide to help you select the best atomizer according to your needs:

1. If you are looking for a huge cloud of vapors when you inhale, you should try a low resistance atomizer.

2. If you are looking for a deep “throat bump”, you should try a high resistance atomizer.

Remember that not all atomizers will fit all batteries. You have to make sure that the atomizer thread adapts to the battery thread. For example, an atomizer 510 can only be connected to a battery with 510 threads.

Similarly, a SkyBlue Vapor thread cartomizer can only be connected to a SkyBlue Vapor thread battery. To mix and match atomizers and batteries, you will need a thread adapter.


A high resistance atomizer essentially means that the atomizer is requiring less battery power. In other words, the higher the resistance, the lower the voltage.

High strength atomizers are used with batteries that produce much higher voltages than standard electronic cigarette batteries. Most standard batteries are in the 3.7V range and when combined with a high resistance atomizer, the result will be very low and weak vapor production.

High strength atomizers are normally used in a common vaping practice known as modding. In this case, the high resistance atomizer would work with a pair of stacked 3.0-3.7V batteries or other MODs operating at 5-6V.


A low resistance atomizer essentially means that the atomizer is requiring more battery power. In other words, the lower the resistance, the higher the voltage.

The essential oils and dry herbs, in turn, vaporize more intensely, thus producing a larger and denser vapor, as well as a more potent flavor. Users of vaporizers often report a stronger and tastier enveloping blow with low resistance atomizers.

Because low resistance atomizers require more battery power, they tend to burn faster, as well as requiring the battery to charge more frequently.


A lower coil atomizer is one where the atomizer head is located at the bottom of the tank. The essential oil is then absorbed and vaporizes slowly as it is used.

The main benefit of lower coil atomizers compared to upper coil atomizers is that, contrary to upper coil atomizers, where the oil must remain full enough to reach the wicks leading to the atomizer, the coil atomizers Lower will run downhill until the last drop of essential oil runs out.

The main problem is that the atomizer can receive more oil than necessary, causing gurgling and flooding of the atomizer.


A double coil atomizer is a lower coil atomizer (see "Lower coil atomizer" above), however, it has two atomizer coils instead of one (see "Double coil atomizers" below).


Dual coil atomizers are atomizer units with two atomizer coils, instead of the standard single coil. The benefit of double-coil atomizers versus single-coil atomizers is that the two coils produce vapor clouds much larger than their coil counterparts.

Simply put, doubling the coils is equal to doubling the steam production. The main disadvantage of double coil heads is that they consume much more essential oil than single coil atomizers. A secondary problem with dual-coil atomizers is that some do not work well with medium-sized batteries, such as SkyBlue Vapor batteries since they require a higher voltage than what such a battery can produce.


They are atomizers that only have an internal heating element (coil) and are also called single or single-coil resistance atomizers.


A standard resistance atomizer is one that uses a medium level of battery power. Standard resistance atomizers produce good steam and throat bumps, without spending too much battery during the process. Standard resistance atomizers produce fewer vapors than low resistance atomizers, but more than high resistance atomizers.

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A vape or electronic cigarette is composed of several different parts, but central to its operation is the atomizer.