BCA or Bachelor of Computer Application is a three-year-old undergraduate level Information Technology (IT) program which trades with bestowing knowledge about the fundamental subjects which are associated to the field of technological applications and are significantly in demand in today's era of digitalization. The course not precisely the same but is treated equivalent to the B. Tech in Computer Science.

If you are inclined towards programming and have a tendency towards the technical stuff, at that point, BCA is the course you should settle on. Other than that there are no in-your-face aptitudes which one necessity to decide on BCA; however science foundation and having maths at the school level can assist you with getting the concepts quicker. Being a specific specialized field, a consistent bent of brain and adaptability to the working conditions are a portion of the pre-requirements which are the requirements in this field.

If you are one of those who want to pursue the BCA degree and are in search of the right reasons for doing the same, then this read will help you know the advantages of pursuing the BCA degree to help you decide the same.

The various advantages of pursuing a BCA degree from an authentic BCA college in Dehradun, or for that matter anywhere in the world are…

Career Opportunities

BCA courses plan to instruct understudy's programming aptitudes. In the cutting edge, digitized world, great software engineers are sought after, as new applications are persistently being created and showcased to organizations and end purchasers the same. There is an application for pretty much every circle of life, and more are being made each day. This guarantees that there are loads of accessible professional alternatives for gifted and educated programming developers.


Seeking after a BCA program is substantially more moderate than deciding on a B.Tech degree in Information Technology. While the information procured is generally the equivalent, and business open doors for BCA graduates are like those of individuals with degrees in programming designing. BCA is by a wide margin the more moderate choice. This assists an individual with evading enormous instructive advances and the related dangers of the equivalent.

Technical Knowhow

Aside from providing practical knowledge, a BCA program is ideal for individuals who are technically sound and appreciate working with and contemplating the most recent innovative headways. Data innovation is pushing ahead significantly, and BCA graduates can remain at the front line of mechanical progression because of the information they acquire at their course. They can likewise build up their own application, programming, or site, which additionally gives them a pioneering edge over the overall people.

Getting a BCA Degree for those who are inclined towards the working and the functioning of computers is the best option to build a lucrative and efficient future. With digitalization being in full swing, the courses related to computers and the related technical domains are in huge demand, and among them, BCA is the most lucrative one.

Author's Bio: 

Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Application at Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions Dehradun Uttarakhand.