Everybody would like a calming hobby to get revitalized and start a day full of energy. There is a craft project that has caught the fancy of many people. The origin of this comparatively new art form is rhinestone/beaded paintings that date back centuries. This new craft project breaks down an image into a pattern and bears much resemblance to cross-stitching. The project involves applying tiny, glittery diamonds to a gummy canvas for creating a work of art. What are the pieces that are applied to the canvas? The answer is rhinestones, also referred to as drills or diamonds. These 2.5mm pieces are matched to a DMC color code.

These multi-faceted pieces allow the maximum satisfaction of the onlookers. They can enjoy the pattern in its full sparkle from all angles.

The pieces in a diamond painting have a couple of prime shapes, which are round and square. However, creators can use various special shapes to accent some paintings. The base of all the pieces is even and made such that they stick to the canvas. They are opaque with sparkly surfaces or translucent, letting light shine through them.

What Is There In A Diamond Art Painting Kit?

A kit features various tools. Some of them are tweezers, a sorting tray, baggies, a pen tool, and a wax pad. The tools vary from a company to another. These tools are made to last long. A good number of kits also have a sheet listing the specifics of drills.

There is more! There are various specialty tools that several artisans prefer. Though they aren’t necessary, they can enable additional comfort and swiftness.

There Are Several Varieties Of Diamond Art Painting Kits

Those who are interested can choose from several varieties of 5D kits. The three major varieties are full drill, partial drill, and multi-paneled kits. We discuss each of them below.

Partial Drill Kits - All canvases are printed with HD techniques. However, all of them don't feature paintings with diamonds covering the whole canvas. Printed symbols on a painting indicate the paces for placing the diamonds. Many canvases highlight the "featured subject" and leave the background is with no diamonds. The reason for such a design is that the HD printing shows through.

Full Drill Kits - The whole canvas of this diamond painting kit has printed symbols. The adhesive spans the full image. Creators would do well by working in small sections. The reason is that full drill paintings necessitate much time and tolerance to complete. The outcome of a full drill painting is such that onlookers will love the aesthetics and the hobby.

The third major variety is the multi-paneled kits. They resemble the two varieties mentioned above except that they feature several panels. These panels help form a larger picture. This variety has several advantages for the users. They can indulge in creative beautifying ideas, enjoy large passion projects, and have mind-calming fun for hours. People can get absorbed in Diamond art painting after a while. More? It is excellent for decorating the walls. People can embellish their walls with their inventive work. It also makes a great present.

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