Web design is continuously advancing and upgrading as technology, standards and preferences wean with time.
With no further ado, let’s take a glance over the radiant visual web design trends to make a transformational change in the year 2019.

1) Shapes portraying colourful gradients: Brands are now switching over to gradients inside bracket shapes from flat design. STZ Soft best website design company in Mumbai uses fluid shapes and colourful gradients in most of its marketing campaigns, as well as on its website and apps. It fosters an unbelievable engaging website that has a forte of a number of organic, colourful shapes that highlight essential information about the brand.

2) Colourful Chemistry: As a pioneer in website design services in Mumbai, STZ SOFt is pursuing in contrast, sharp, angular components to the fore and can be determined in bright sparkling colours across landing pages in multiple industries.

3) Huge Experimental Typography: STZ Soft fundamentally diversified collateral in graphic design services in UK is pushing typography trends to its cascading limits in 2019. Nowadays, Brands are starting to experiment with unconventional text formatting such as warping, over-sizing and bleeding beyond page boundaries.

4) Darker backdrops: Despite the ongoing controversy regarding the use of dark backgrounds on webpages, they appear to be making a steady comeback. It can often be difficult to rationalize and justify but darker backdrops when applied well, a website can have a lasting and memorable impact and influence over its target audiences.

5) Full-Screen Video: Video is surging as one of the top web design trends of 2018-19. Video is dominating all social media platforms and it seems that web design will follow this suit. We provide embedded full content video content for a wider envisage and demonstration.

6) Proficient Pastel Shades: With the advent of ‘millennial pink’ and the announcement of Pantone’s 2019 colour of the year (‘living coral’), pastels still heavily influence design trends both on and offline. Ice cream shades are no longer limited to scandi furniture brands – we’re seeing them all over the internet.

It can be fathomed that new web design techniques and trends, as well as layouts and miniatures, are gushing out in the market. It is significant tremendously for the web designers to never become complacent in order to survive amid the innovative and dynamic market tendencies.


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