The past decade has shown a great surge in the use of the internet. About 15 years ago, even the idea of messaging someone halfway across the world and getting replied to within seconds would have been considered impossible, let alone the idea of doing business online. Now, however, e-commerce provides the best opportunities to entrepreneurs and a website widens their markets. You can approach any website design company in Dubai to get started on your website and take your business online.

E-commerce websites are the silver lining to business owners in the current pandemic situation. If you don’t have a virtual presence, now is the best time to take your business online. Nowadays, when everything is online, not having an e-commerce website will only hold you back.

E-commerce provides a good return on investment and if websites are developed properly, it can be cost-effective. There is less paperwork to do and office overheads can be restricted. Everything can be done online.

Before we dive into the significances and utilities of e-commerce website development, let us take a look at what exactly e-commerce is.

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is the buying and selling of goods and services and other activities involved in a business transaction using the internet. The biggest advantage of e-commerce is the fact that your virtual presence with your customers replaces your physical presence with them.

The four main types of e-commerce business models are:

Business to Business (B2B): Business model where transactions occur between two business entities
Business to Consumer (B2C): This is the type of business model where a business sells goods or services to its consumers through the internet.
Consumer to Consumer (C2C): C2C is when business transactions occur between two consumers. There is usually an intermediary to smoothen the transaction.
Consumer to Business (C2B): This is one of the rarest kinds of business models where the consumer sells goods or services to a business.
A new form of e-commerce is m-commerce which is business done over the mobile. This will appeal to the millions of mobile phone users but is still in its nascent phase.

Everything your consumers need to know can be put on your website for easier navigation. There are many companies and freelancers specialising in e-commerce website development in Dubai who can help you design a user-friendly website. In a well developed website, any transaction related to your business can happen without a hitch making things easier for you and your customer.

Significances of Ecommerce Website Development
Global presence
An e-commerce website overcomes geographical boundaries by connecting people around the world. With one website, you can reach millions of people from around the world and expand your market.

Wide scope
An e-commerce website is not just a place to buy and sell goods and services. You can create a blog page to post information about your products, videos can be uploaded and events can be conducted. With a simple sign up, you can send newsletters to your users with constant updates about everything that is going on. You can also put links for your social media handles so that consumers have different ways of interacting with you.

Greater visibility
There are leading companies specialising in e-commerce web development in Dubai that provide you with digital marketing services also. Through search engine optimisation, they can help increase the ranking of your website and increase visibility.

Absence of time constraints
Your customers will be able to communicate with you 24/7 as your business is online. They can take their time in browsing your website and finding the best fit for them.

Customers can shop late at night without disrupting you in anyway. Your website will be available to them all the time.

Utilities of Ecommerce Website Development
Providing information
An e-commerce website is a dedicated space for you and your business. Everything about your business can be put here. Customers can go through the detailed information and pictures you have put up about every product before making an informed decision.

Providing a good user experience
Some ways to improve user experience in your website is to integrate the payment gateway and the shipping facility, provide an easy-to-navigate layout, language option, shopping cart, etc. Also make sure that your website is mobile phone friendly as more people are browsing the internet on their phones. Customers spend hours on websites to find products. Keeping this in mind, you have to choose the best companies for e-commerce website design in Dubai, or wherever you are, to provide you with the best UI/UX to attract consumers and keep them satisfied.

Complete control
With an e-commerce website, complete control of the running of your business in your hands. You don’t have to worry about stores in other locations or any malpractices happening there. You can efficiently manage your inventory and orders.

Low operating cost
Setting up an e-commerce website is much cheaper than a physical store. You won’t have to pay monthly rent, utilities and the salaries of salespersons. Operational costs will be less. The cost of e-commerce website development in UAE will range from $3,500 to $10,000. The annual maintenance will cost extra but it will still give you more advantages than a physical store.

When choosing a company for your e-commerce website development you have to take into consideration their experience, portfolio, reviews and specialization. A good company will provide you with necessary digital marketing tools to advertise your website and attract more traffic.

According to a recent study conducted by Best Accounting Software, e-commerce development in Dubai is considered among the best in the world. Around 99% of the population in UAE are internet users and there is access to skilled labour and delivery systems making it easy to start an online business. Your e-commerce website will be easier to access for customers and with a good UX, customer loyalty can be improved. A wider variety of options will be available to them from one place. Operating cost will be less and your markets can be widened. The current pandemic has forced most of the population indoors and now is the best time to start your e-commerce journey.

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