There are many couples who undergo fertility treatment to get pregnant at fertility centres end up with twins and sometimes multiple pregnancies. There is a higher risk of multiple pregnancies with IVF treatment. The risk of twin births with IVF is 25% and multiple pregnancies of 3 or more children is 3%. There are a number of factors for this. One major reason is due to multiple embryo transfers during the IVF procedure

Benefits of having twins:

The most obvious benefit of having twins is getting two children with one pregnancy, without having to go through two separate pregnancies and deliveries. Women who had a difficult pregnancy or delivery are happy to get it over with in one go. There and many other benefits to having twins too. They keep each other company, they never feel alone and keep demanding your attention. Moms with single babies find that they have to spend a lot of time ensuring that their baby feels comforted that she is always there. With twins you do not have to look for a playmate for them, they have each other.
The greatest benefit as told by the fertility doctors is that, that having twins is that you do not have to pay for another IVF treatment to have another child, unless you want more!

Risks associated with twin pregnancy

Twin pregnancies can increase the risk of complication. However, do not fear most mothers with twin pregnancies have healthy babies. Carrying twins can be very taxing on your body and in the third trimester doctors usually advise more bed rest than physical activity for the mother.
The possibility of having a premature delivery is much higher with twins. This may put the babies at risk if they are born too prematurely. The mother needs to take extra precautions during her third trimester to ensure that the babies remain okay. Any strenuous activity can induce labor and hasten the delivery.

When you are carrying twins the chances are that both your babies may be underweight and smaller in size than singletons. It is believed that babies born prematurely and with low birth weight are more likely to face health issues later in their lives.
Mothers pregnant with twins are at higher risk for certain medical conditions such as Preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and placental abruption. These conditions do not affect every mother pregnant with twins and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you have a smooth pregnancy.

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