People need mentors in life and successful people manage to find someone whom they can count on for advice. Now this shouldn’t be thought of as a “help out when in trouble” act. Mentoring is something that occurs over a period of time and the mentee uses advice to grow. If you are looking for a good mentor, here are the things you may want to watch out for. Frank Cahill HSBC has been a good mentor through out his professional career and a good learning for newcomers.

Fitting a person – A good mentor is one that fits his/her protégé. It means that a person looking for a mentor must find one who will think what is best for him or the protégé. There will be many in life who try to manipulate others into taking steps that benefit them and not the protégé. So, you need to be careful in choosing a proper mentor. A good and genuine mentor will never force a protégé to do anything he/she doesn’t want and won’t try to benefit off of them. Frank Cahill HSBC remains enthusiastic about mentoring and quality training.

Enthusiastic – A mentor is enthusiastic about the role he is undertaking. He shouldn’t be doing it just because he is forced to or to add it to his resume. Instead, a genuine mentor will do it for the joy it brings when the protégé succeeds. Without enthusiasm, a mentor can never guide properly.

Encouraging new paths – A mentor encourages the mentee to step out of his comfort zone. Without doing this, they can never know what their true potential can be. This is a way to have new experiences and get learning out of it.

Value in learning – Mentors value all kinds of learning. Be it on the job or off the job. Any learning and knowledge accumulation will always help you. If you find any mentor, like Frank Cahill HSBC as a good mentor, who believes in this, then you know that you have found a solid mentor.

Feedback – Most people benefit from feedback, but only a few know how to provide it. We must understand that a feedback isn’t just about talking about a person’s god pints and bad points. It is also about how you deliver them. Too much focus on the negative could be precepted as being negative. While too much importance on the good part could make the mentee feel that he isn’t wrong anywhere. So, this has to be balanced and a good mentor knows how to.

Listening – An excellent mentor will be an active listener. Some people only listen to answer back. But some will try to understand what the real issue is. Unless you find the real issue and get advice on it properly, it won’t be of help to anyone.
Experts in a field – Good mentors are usually experts in certain fields, a field that you want to make a career in. These guys have grown in this industry and understand how one can navigate pathways to get to the top. They can appropriately advise a mentee on dealing with different issues and challenges so he/she grows professionally.

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