Integrated Workplace Management Systems or IWMS is the software that is used to manage the real estate assets of any firm and is a new entrant on the Facility Management solutions. They combine various aspects of facility management, such as maintenance orchestration, workplace planning and sustainability management etc to allow the management teams an effortless view into the various technicalities of their real estate assets and a precise control over the entire process.

The Integrated facility management solutions reduce the risk related to the modernization and expansion of the firm. Apart from this, it also offers a centralized repository of numerous “what-if” analyses of these and many other situations.

There are many other advantages of using the IWMS software, such as maintenance management, future moves, analysis of current space utility data and locating employees in an office space.

Here, we are going to discuss these and many other awesome benefits of using IWMS software for business organizations of all types and all scales. So, we recommend all our readers to take a thorough read and invest in smart and efficient IWMS software and take the first and the rightmost step towards having a better, more streamlined and more optimized workplace.

Benefits of using the Integrated Workplace Management Systems

1.Facility Management

IWMS offers a real-time view into the current inventory and availability of different types of office infrastructure in relevance to the real estate assets. It offers many useful tools and functionalities, such as space planning and equipment tracking etc that allow you to make the best use of your office space, furniture, electrical equipment and all the other things that come under the real estate assets.
2. Workspace optimization
Which person should sit where, how long should your bay area be, and where should you install the charging sockets? There are many questions that are of extreme importance when it comes to setting-up and planning your office. The IWMS can easily take over this planning burden and offer you an easy-to-use interface that comes with a little or no learning curve, so that you can plan as well optimize your workplace like a pro!

3.Personnel Planning

The planning of cabins, cubicles, conference rooms and seating charts, when it comes to planning the real estate assets for personnel in your office, IWMS makes the job a lot easier as compared to the manual planning. You can also use the various other smart functionalities such as space use tracking, work order requests and test your plans with better visualization aided by 3D modelling tools.

4.Maintenance planning

Every office setup requires regular maintenance from time to time and maintenance planning and equipment management are two essential processes for this. The smart and intuitive software for IWMS comes with the in-built modules for both, the maintenance planning and equipment management and allow you direct functionalities for cost management, budgeting and dispatching etc.

5.Capital Project Management

The term capital project management has a large canopy under which many umbrella activities happen, ranging from maintenance and upgrade of asset management processes and infrastructure management processes.

Capital project management is required in the following cases:
1)Newly constructed business facilities
2)Expansion of the existing business facilities
3)Renovation or replacement of the business facilities

The IWMS offers all these tools in the same platform and offers a centralized data availability that can be accessed by role-based access rights as well.

So, be it capital project management in its entirety, or the umbrella activities, such as project planning and execution, financial accounting and document management, the IWMS offers all the required functionalities under one roof.

6.Lifecycle Management

The IWMS offers an effective organization in relation to all your business resources that certainly maximizes the lifecycle of its resource management. You can use it to reduce the total occupancy costs and have a well-planned organization.

7.Increased efficiency and productivity

IWMS Software also allows you to gain organization-wide awareness in relation to various departments and improve the workplace productivity. The managers can dig through the data collected by the IWMS Software and make better decisions regarding operations and facilities management.

The facility management professionals can visually assess the different elements to assess their compatibility and make better decisions regarding the asset and space management.

With the advent of advanced technologies, such as IoT, mixed reality and artificial intelligence, the Integrated Workplace Management Systems have become even better and well-equipped to deal with the modern day workplaces and their technical real estate management requirements.

Make your workplaces more optimized and more efficient: Invest in a robust and reliable IWMS

When it comes to making the best use of your workplace resources and ensuring that all the real estate assets are used in the best manner, nothing can do a better job than a reliable IWMS. It can offer you many actionable insights into your previous real estate asset management and empower you with the right information at the right time.

We hope that the discussion proves helpful for all our readers and they invest in a reliable and efficient IWMS that helps them cut the operational costs and make the most optimal use of all their resources.

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