Personal blogs 
One of the blogs that are a pioneer in the blogging industry and famous among women community is personal blogs. The first type of blogging started with a personal blog in the late 90s. Personal blogs started when people penned down their own blogs by sharing their stories, advice, thoughts, and opinions. Among all other types of blogs, the most traditional form of blogs is personal blogs. The audience gets to know about the personality and traits of the blogger in their blog posts. Personal bloggers don’t follow any protocols or abuse any rules for blogging. A personal blog can be about their political views, hobbies, skills, and passions. Bloggers of this type can make blog posts related to any topic. A personal blog can be built by signing up for a domain on a particular website. You can write blog posts by publishing them on the internet. Readers get to know about their opinions, political views, passion, hobbies, or anything related to the blogger’s daily life. Readers can know more about your blog, and web traffic will increase when you share the link to your own blog post.

Business blogs 
Business blogs are oriented specifically towards business-related purposes. Business bloggers write about their work and earn their living by writing the topic on these blogs. The main reason for a business blog is to generate more leads for gaining more business profit. This blog helps to make more customers. Business blogs are professional as compared to personal blogs. These blogs contain writings that follow industrial trends and promote their particular business. The business blog posts are aligned to the industry standards strictly. For instance, an e-commerce business blog can start with how to increase sales in e-commerce. The main aim of business bloggers is to generate leads and then store them from the audience. Business bloggers prefer writing engaging posts in their blogs to promote their business. You get a potential lead when a visitor signs up on your mailing list and makes a successful business transaction.

Niche blogs 
In niche-based blogs, particular topics are covered rather than targeting different topics. These blogs include content marketing blogs, movie blogs, basketball blogs, car racing blogs, music blogs, Java blogs, health and fitness blogs, food blogs, etc. If you want to begin your career by becoming a professional blogger, start your journey by making a niche blog. This blog type is built around a specific area of interest or passion. With time these blogs get better, and you start gaining more revenue. To make a successful niche blog, you need to discover what niche you’re passionate about and define your targeted audience. It is done based on likes, age groups, gender, demographics, dislikes, etc. The next step is creating niche content and then promoting your niche blog post to the audience. This will fetch you more success than personal or business blogs.

Affiliate blogs 
To generate income through affiliate marketing, blogs are built known as affiliate blogs. If you generate a portion of the sale amount, then you’ll get a small percentage of the sale amount. Affiliate bloggers write product reviews, which makes readers buy those specific products via affiliate links. You can get a small kickback if you make a transaction. Affiliate blogging holds a significant value in the blogging community, and around 81% of brands make affiliate programs for improving marketing. 84% of bloggers make affiliate marketing posts to grow more customers.

Women community is the most important part of blogging community and they favor personal blogs and niche blogs to get their point across.

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