As we are seeing the legalization of cannabis in a growing number of states, more people are starting to use it ways that generally weren’t considered good ideas before. One example is taking weed before exercise. But is it really a good idea? It turns out that weed as a pre-exercise routine is very popular and is considered a very effective tool to make the most of your workouts. Here are some reasons why taking cannabis before working out can be good for you.

Weed Reduces Pre-Workout Anxieties

Most of the time, pre-workout anxiety is the main reason why we can’t realize our physical potential. We worry if we look silly lifting weights, don’t know where to run, or are scared to let the team down in a game. These pre-workout blues often prevent us from actually working out. Marijuana can get you pumped up before a workout or game, getting you ready to take on those things that you were previously super anxious about.

Weed Increases Metabolism

THC and cannabidiol, the two main active compounds in cannabis, can help elevate metabolism, as well as lower cholesterol and speed up fat loss. Cannabis has also been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, which lowers the risk for developing diabetes and obesity. This means that consuming weed before or after workouts can support a healthy metabolism and balanced weight loss. Combined with a good exercise routine, all these factors can help you achieve your health goals faster.

Weed Improves Sports Skills

Popularly believed to put users into a listless stupor, many athletes have sworn by the skill-improving effects of consuming cannabis before playing sports. Athletes are reporting how they’ve excelled in their fields because of their marijuana routine. Some have shared how taking weed before training can make them work out longer, while others discovered that they can enter more easily into the right frame of mind for certain types of training or exercise.

Weed Alleviates Workout-Related Pain

When you push too hard, you sometimes experience muscle pain, which can be distracting. Marijuana can help. Research has shown that many people perform better under the influence of weed because of the way it reduces pain-related fatigue and distraction. If pain is what’s holding you back during exercise, cannabis might help you deal with it. Either way, it is always important to determine why you are dealing with this pain in the first place and make sure it’s not a symptom of a more serious underlying problem.

Weed Puts You in the Workout Zone

If you don’t like exercising but want that elusive athlete’s body, weed can help. Cannabis can make you feel a little less bored, even during repetitive movements like cycling, running or swimming. Long distance runners using weed before running report because it promotes a steady rhythmic zone and helps them maintain a competitive running speed. Basically, weed helps you achieve the right level of focus for the task at hand. If you’re easily bored during runs, getting a psychedelic high from weed might be the solution.

Besides smoking weed, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy this plant. Perhaps the most viable alternative to smoking is to eat it. It might take a little longer for you to feel it, but it effects are longer-lasting. This kind of high just might be what you’re looking for when you’re training for marathons or participating in a sporting event that requires serious physical endurance.

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