Sports injuries are the kind of injuries that one gets when they are participating in a particular sport. More often than not children and athletes are susceptible to sports injuries. In order to know more about them, here is a list of the different kind of sports injuries and how you can prevent them.

Sports injuries are part and parcel of any kind of outdoor sports like football, basketball etc. But why do sports injuries occur in the first place? Well, there are a few reasons for them.

How to prevent:

If certain steps are followed prior to and post working out or indulging in the sport you are planning on indulging in, to a great extent. Of course, despite following these precautions, sometimes sporting injuries sure inevitable. However, it is always good to have knowledge about the preventive methods as well. Have a look.

Lack of warming up prior to indulging in ang kind of sport
Suddenly indulging in sports after a span of inactivity
Injury is more likely in cases of contact sports

The different types of sports injuries

There are a variety of sports injuries that one might experience and each of these kinds come with their own set of complications as most clinics that offer sports injury treatment in Delhi point out. Here are some of the most common type of sports injuries.

A strain can occur when one overstretches their muscles or tendons. Tendons are basically a dense bunch of tissues that connect a bone to the muscles. The lower back and the hamstring muscled are the most commonly affected area

Though people might confused a strain with a sprain and vice versa, the main difference is that where a strain affects the muscles and tendons, a sprain mainly affects the ligaments. Ligaments are a collection of tissues that connects two bones with a joint. Ankle sprains are the most common kind of sprains.

Dislocations are another common sports injury that an athlete might experience as a lot of advanced physiotherapy clinics have helped with the healing of the same. Dislocation happens when a bone is forced out of the socket it rests in. This in turn causes swelling and pain.

Fractures are another common issue that is related sports and the injuries that they can cause to an athlete or a child. Broken bones are something that almost every one of us might have experienced at least once. However, for athletes and children, it is a more common issue.

Injury of the rotator cuff:
A rotator cuff, which is a combination of four muscles, is the one that helps in the movement of the shoulder in all directions. In case there is a tear in any one of these muscles, shoulder movement becomes an issue.

We hope that this has been helpful in making you understand the basics about the preventive methods that you can follow and what the different types of sports injuries are.

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