Dermal fillers are derived from biocompatible substances that are injected into the skin in order to correct deformities or help a person to achieve a certain desired look, like pouty lips. The injectable substances are eventually absorbed from the skin because they are biocompatible and therefore the effects are not permanent.

To improve the outcomes of the procedure, it is important to consult a competent plastic surgeon. Dr. Norman J. Pastorek is highly experienced in the use of dermal fillers and can help to choose the best filler that can help achieve your desired outcome.

What Are the Uses of Dermal Fillers?

• Restoration of the volume of the lower half of the face
• For plumping thin lips so that they become pouty
• To remove wrinkles and creases from the face
• Removing the wrinkles that occur below the lower eyelid
• Removing scars caused by pitting acne
• Enhancing the cheekbone contours
• Enhancing the areas that appear shallow on the face
Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Dermal Fillers?
Not everyone qualifies to have dermal fillers because some medical conditions like diabetes or smoking can delay healing, leading to poor outcomes. Given below are the good candidates.
• A person with wrinkles or who want to have plump lips
• A person who is of good health
• A person who is capable of maintaining skin hygiene after the procedure
• A person who does not have underlying medical conditions like diabetes
• A person who is not allergic to the substances used as dermal fillers
• A person who does not smoke
• Someone with realistic expectations from the procedure
How Can You Take Care of Your Skin After the Procedure?
• Avoid vigorous stretching of the face after the procedure
• Reduce excess exposure to direct sunlight
• Maintain good skin hygiene
• Do not touch your face when it is not necessary
• Ice packs can help reduce the discomfort

What Are Some Adverse Issues That Are Associated with the Use of Dermal Fillers?

The use of dermal fillers is safe when carried out by a qualified plastic surgeon. Improperly done procedures can result in complications, leading to non-desired outcomes. It is important to never buy products from the black market because you cannot verify if it is of good quality.

The common issues that are associated with the use of dermal fillers include;
• Localized skin redness
• Bruising
• Bleeding
• Swelling
• Skin rash
• Itchy skin
• Failure to achieve the desired outcome
• Asymmetry of the face
• Formation of scars on the face
• Infection of the skin
• Accidental nerve damage
• Feeling lumps under the skin
• Overstretching of the skin
• Skin eruptions
• Allergies to some of the fillers
• Interruption of blood flow may result in the death of the skin cells resulting in wounds


Dermal fillers are biocompatible substances that are injected in the skin to correct deformities or to achieve a certain desired look. An experienced plastic surgeon helps to assess your skin and the desired outcomes and then chooses the best dermal filler for you.

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