Table of subjects
• Our first tips for learning to play the piano
• How can we learn to play the piano?
• What are the best methods to learn to play the piano?
• Applications to learn to play the piano
• Advice for the future pianist
• Piano base chords
• Learn to play the scales at the piano
If we are sincere, we cannot say that learning to play the piano is to sew and sing. Learn solfege, know how to read scores, acquire a good posture, gain skill, and master the coordination of head-hands-feet ... To know how to play the piano you have to handle many things (and many at the same time!).
The piano is, together with the guitar, the best known and most studied instrument. Many people want to learn to play the piano, but you have to spend a lot of time, as it is a very demanding activity.
As with any learning process, some people evolve faster than others (because, for example, not all of us have the same cognitive and musical predispositions), but every beginner has to face a first phase of total ignorance. For more information please visit
Unfortunately, there is no miraculous technique to learn to play in two months.

To gain some autonomy and fluency and to feel comfortable with the piano, you have to be motivated, perseverant, and rigorous and enjoy playing. In this article we discuss some tips for beginners.

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