In recent years, more and more people have had infertility. There are many reasons to study it. Among them, some reproductive system diseases are more common, such as prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, etc. For these diseases, patients need active treatment to avoid affecting fertility. Antibiotics are a good choice for bacterial infections.

For a nonbacterial condition or recurrent symptoms, the curative effect of herbal medicine will be more evident than antibiotics, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. And it can eliminate the cause and reduce the probability of recurrence.

In addition to some disease factors, environmental pollution, the increase of mental pressure, the growth of bad living habits, and so on, will also impact male fertility.

Here are some living habits that have an impact on male fertility.

1. Smoking

Smoking is one of the important causes of male infertility. Those who smoke 21 ~ 30 tubes a day have a significantly higher rate of sperm deformity. Smoking also affects eugenics. Some people don't smoke, but they are often forced to smoke second-hand smoke as harmful as smoking. Sometimes we should kindly remind smokers to smoke in the designated area.

2. Alcoholism

Ethanol can significantly damage sperm density, motility, viability, morphology, and fertilization ability. The degree of damage was closely related to the age, amount, and duration of drinking. Long-term heavy drinking can lead to alcoholism, testicular atrophy, decreased sexual desire, increased sperm deformity, and reduced total number and density. Of course, the occasional small amount of alcohol has little effect on sperm.

3. Stay up late and overwork

The human biological clock controls the endocrine. If you don't get a regular rest at night, the biological clock will be disordered, the endocrine will be disordered, and the spermatogenic function will also be disordered. It will lead to a low sperm survival rate, poor vitality, and even reduced sperm density for a long time. Nowadays, people have a rich nightlife and form the habit of sleeping at night. People should develop the habit of going to bed before eleven. Long-term overwork will also hurt men. Pay attention to rest after work.

4. High temperatures and wear tights

The temperature of testicular spermatogenesis is 1-2 degrees lower than body temperature. Males ready to have children are determined not to take a sauna, take a hot spring, or even take a bath. The water temperature should not be too high. Sensitive parts (testicles) should avoid contacting an environment higher than body temperature. Tight clothes will bind the scrotum and perineum too tightly, which is not conducive to sperm production. Please do not put a laptop on your lap when using it. The heat emitted when the notebook works will inhibit the production of sperm.

5. Long-time sitting

People who sit in the office or ride or drive for a long time are prone to chronic prostatitis, which affects sperm liquefaction and reduces sperm motility. If you sit too long, try to get up and exercise to promote pelvic blood circulation. At the same time, we should form the habit of physical exercise after work.

6. High mental pressure

Too much psychological pressure, too much tension for a long time, anxiety, pessimism, and sadness can lead to the decline of semen quality, spermatogenic dysfunction, and pregnancy rate. In addition, women's ovulation is also affected by mental factors. If the mood is unhappy and nervous, it can lead to endocrine disorder and inhibit ovulation. Therefore, infertile couples must maintain a good mental state and avoid mutual accusations and complaints. Neither side should be worried. They should be calm and optimistic.

7. Various radiation

Long-term severe electromagnetic radiation threatens the human reproductive system and immune system. Male germ cells and sperm are more sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, electromagnetic waves are mainly reflected in reducing male sperm quality for men: the amount of radiation generated during the operation of a hairdryer is among the best in household appliances. In addition, avoid putting the laptops directly on the body. On the one hand, electromagnetic radiation is closer to sensitive parts of the body, which is more harmful; On the other hand, the heat generated by the fuselage will also increase the temperature around the testis and affect the spermatogenic function. Don't put your cell phone in your trouser pocket. Electric welding has a significant impact on male fertility.

8. Improper frequency of sexual life

An appropriate frequency of sex life is conducive to both men's and women's physical and mental health, improves the quality of semen, and increases the chance of pregnancy. However, too frequent sexual intercourse will reduce the density and quantity of sperm and affect fertility. Of course, too little sexual intercourse will also affect the pregnancy of the spouse. The sperm motility and fertilization ability will decline if you do not have sex or ejaculate for a long time. It is not that the more prolonged abstinence, the better sperm quality.

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