The metal clad switchgear comes enclosed with the metal shell on various sides except the viewport openings or the small ventilation. The entire shell is grounded like it is the case with metal enclosed switchgear however beyond this they are very different. In the metal clad switchgear the internal components are individually clad in metal or they get compartmentalized. The switchgears are used in a wide range of applications and one of their primary jobs is to give protection to electrical appliances via interruption of overloaded circuits.

The different benefits of metal clad switchgear

We will have a look at some of  the main benefits that you get from integrating metal clad switchgear for your applications.

Enhanced safety: The metal switchgear provides enhanced features of safety which are essential in the conventional metal-enclosed switchgear, For instance, metal clad is completely compartmentalized which means that low voltage compartment is accessible while not allowing access for other live parts in switchgear. This unit is also completely grounded with mechanical interlocks, grounded barriers, completely insulated bus and circuit breaker shutters that keep the operators insulated from medium voltage sections.

Ease of maintenance: The maintenance requirements vary based on the requirements of the customer applications. Some applications need reduced equipment switching. Its primary objective is to provide disconnect which continually functions in "on" position except an annual shutdown. The other applications need equipment switching from "on to off" or "open to close" more frequently. For the frequently switching applications, the customers prefer the equipment which can handle constant usage of load operations that is fed. The capability of withdrawing circuit breaker from the compartment enables mechanical and electrical parts to be maintained and monitored more frequently.

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The different metal clad switchgear products on sale

Rockwill is one of the reliable recloser manufacturer and a highly trusted name in the industry. Some of the top quality metal clad switchgear products featured on the company website  includes Outdoor gas insulated ring main unit, outdoor ring main unit, ring main unit with enclosure, RMR - 12/24N type SF6 ring main unit, RMR-40.5 series gas insulated ring main unit and 12/24kv full gas insulated RMU amongst others. 

Ring main unit with enclosure: This unit from is the S56 gas metal clad switchgear with insulation and the RGIS-G20 is designed up to the 40.5KV 3 phase 3 wire 50/60Hz system. The voltage in this switchgear goes up to 40.5KV and there are vertically or horizontally installed vacuum circuit breakers. This switchgear has meters, relays, and vacuum circuit breakers amongst other components. This switchgear has certification from Xi'an high voltage institute. Some of the features of this switchgear includes modular design, automation, compactness, easy expansion, safety, high reliability, stationary structure, simple installation, welded structure of stainless steel, duct for the pressure relief and cable connection with the inner cone plug in system.  

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