Testers are very important assets in any Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). They are the catalysts that are responsible for finding whether the product meets the expected performance parameters and if there are any loopholes. The career opportunities are lucrative and the work is enjoyable! So, if you have decided to start your career in automation testing, then you may have just made the right choice.

Having expertise in automation testing will enable you to focus on error-free software development and quality assurance. Due to its high importance in the development and deployment process of software, QA, and automation tester jobs are on an all-time high! It is predicted that there will be a 200% increase in demand for skilled QA and automation testers in the near future. In fact, the software industry is expected to go through a 30% increase in demand for such professionals by 2020. 

Now, there are ample sources out there that claim to provide authentic and all-around training in automation and software testing. Many are offline while others offer their courses online. I would prefer an online training platform due to the flexibility they offer and the cost-effectiveness. One such platform that you can opt for in order to learn Automation testing is JanBask Training. 

Their automation testing course is one of the best that you can get out there. The course is delivered through video materials that you can learn on your own time. Moreover, you can get a professional certification to authenticate your skill upon successfully completing the course. As an automation testing student at JanBask, you will be able to master the following:

  • Automation Testing Concepts
  • Selenium Basics
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Automating Web Apps in Selenium
  • Testing Frameworks
  • Techniques to automate the Web UI

You will also be able to learn about deeper concepts like using Java in Selenium, writing and configuring customized xpaths, running tests in Google Chrome & Internet Explorer, installing FireBug and Firepath Addons, etc. You can clear your base in installing TestNG for Selenium, parallel testing, data-driven testing, grouping and prioritizing test cases, etc.

The trainers at JanBask Training are well-experienced in practical applications and job roles and hold acute knowledge in SDLC and the role that testing plays in the same. They will be able to guide you throughout the course with ample doubt-clearing sessions and practical hands-on testing sessions. You will be able to learn while working on real-time applications and projects gaining practical experience in the process. 

Also, you will have access to all the course materials along with the routine updates throughout your life. So, you can brush up your memory anytime by just logging into your JanBask Training student profile. 

On completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Communicate with all the stake-holders, especially developers, in a software project
  • You will see the real-time application of your changes in real products
  • You can design and execute various testing activities for any testing assignment or project
  • You will be able to
  • You will have the opportunity to build a highly rewarding career in the Information Technology Industry. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start your automation testing journey today with JanBask Training!

Author's Bio: 

Kalpana Singh loves pursuing excellence through writing and has a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and runs personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for JanBaskTraining.com , a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training. Her work has been published on various sites related to Oracle DBA, Digital Marketing, Big Data Hadoop, Java, Dot net, SQL, Data Science, Salesforce, AWS, PMP, DevOps, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Cloud Computing, IT, SAP, Project Management and more.