Pros and Cons of Python

Since the introduction of Python, the language has been gaining popularity each year. However, the question will be how long Python will be one of the best programming languages for developers. Are there advantages and disadvantages to Python?


1. Beginner-Friendly

Python is a fantastic platform for people who are new to get into programming. The Python programming language is easy to master, comprehend and program as it doesn't require too many technical details.
Even those new to programming and who have yet to gain experience with it find it easy to learn. Python is a language that can be used in various ways since reading Python is like reading English.
The language doesn't require curly braces to identify the blocks that go into the technical aspects. However, indentation is needed, which aids in the clarity of the code.

2. Large Community

The Python community has many developers, coders, and students using the same platform, cooperating and helping each other get the most value.
It allows Python a top platform for developers because they can get help from knowledgeable and experienced developers.

3. Flexible and Expandable

Python is extremely versatile and can extend to different languages. Developers can write codes in C and C++ or develop new features using the dynamically typed language.

4. Extensive Libraries

Python features an extensive set of libraries and contains code for various purposes like documentation generation, regular expressions, web browsers, unit testing, CGI, databases, image manipulation, etc. Therefore, it eliminates the requirement to write the entire program manually.

5. Embeddable

Python is extensible, and most of its code is written in other languages, such as C++. It allows us to include scripting capabilities in our code written in other languages.


1. Design issues

Python developers often need to work with complex designs. Thus, skilled and efficient developers are preferred over novices.

2. More sluggish than Compiled Languages

Python is a bit slow compared to other non-compiled languages because it demands a lot of computing power. Therefore, this is something you must consider before deciding on Python.

3. Security

Python isn't 100% secure. It is imperative to take the right steps to ensure the code is safe. However, performing the correct QA tests can address this issue.

4. Work Environment

Before you can begin working using Python, you need to establish a workspace. Many issues can occur while setting up your environment, affecting beginners in their programming.
Therefore, it is best to choose Python IDEs and then set up your environment with the help of the official guides.

5. Python's Memory Consumption and Garbage Collection

Python language has a large memory consumption, and excessive memory usage should be taken care of when working on the project. The language uses reference counting for garbage collection, leading to memory loss.

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