What Are Money-Players?

Cliché: “the rich get richer, and the poor have babies.”

In sports many of the same faces win the MVP awards, batting titles,
and play in the All-Star game again-and-again. They bat .300 con-
sistently, way more than the average big-league player,

In Texas Hold’Em poker, the most popular game of poker in the
world, the same “money-players” win the tournament gold-bracelets
time-and-time-again. If they don’t win first prize, they share the money
by coming second or third. Second can pay one-million dollars.

In business, the same entrepreneurs sell their company for a billion,
and come back with a new idea and business-model, and do it again.
Google: Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, and hundreds you never heard of.

These “money-players” find or create a way to win in sports, business
or Texas Hold’em poker – consistently. Yes, really and statistically.

If there is money/profit/prizes on the table – they win beyond chance or
the law of probability. How come?


Scientists at Washington University, St. Louis, have found a brain area
that lights up like a Xmas tree for “money-players” when they sense
potential success.

Their brain changes the odds and probabilities of winning in their favor.
How? They are motivated to play better, over-their-head, and read the
opposition’s moves like an open-book. It changes the odds of winning.

Their mental attitude (brain-power) produces more intuition, inspiration
and even revelations about when to buy-hold-sell in business or at
Texas Hold’Em Poker.

Wait. You (the reader) can become a “money-player” and win profits,
promotions, and prizes, if you learn to think-feel-and-act in a new way.

Is This Real Science?

This research was published in the Journal of Neuroscience 8.04.10.
It is not important you know the name of the brain site for winning,
but it is the left-dorso-lateral-prefrontal-cortex (left-DLPFC).

Please remember your power (money) spot is located two (2) inches
above your left eyebrow. So-what? You are going to cue your left
DLPFC to spit-out the neurotransmitter, Dopamine on-demand.

Dopamine is our own internal “opium”, and is addictive toward
whatever produces it. Money-players are addicted to winning the
money-prize-or-relationship. Their juices flow dopamine.

Dorso is the back area, and lateral is the side of your executive-brain,
the left-hemisphere, pre-frontal cortex.

The secret is Dopamine, your brain’s chemical reward system. Monkeys
work for peanuts and grapes, and human are motivated by burst of
pleasure, joy, and feelings of personal power and control.

When money-players “smell” the coming rewards, the prospect of
success, our subconscious mind starts firing neural-networks that
cue (trigger) our thoughts, feelings and actions – to win.

Say Again

Your left DLPFC excites you and predicts a win, success or victory
before you make the right moves. It gives you a cue, the heads-up signal
chemically, by a burst of dopamine. It also prepares your motivational-
cognitive (thinking) networks to help you win again, and again.

One-more-once: the fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imagery)
shows two brain changes in “money-players” (winners): one, reward
processing (Show-me-the-money!), and two, motivation drives your
goal-oriented behavior.

It is about your thinking (cognitive control) revving you up to win-win-
win. See, the brain chemical, Dopamine (the brain reward network)
connects (links) motivation with cognitive-control (thinking).

“Money-Players” excite (trigger) one goal, ‘gimme the reward’,
and inhibit (turn-off) all others objectives. Yeah, they are mono-maniacs.

Who Cares

Pay serious attention, this is the critical answer to how “money-players”
win all the marbles consistently.

1. Mental-visualization: if you have patience, you will repeatedly use
visualizations three-times daily to program your subconscious mind.

Before you wake up in the morning, just before falling asleep, and
midday for five-minutes, you will create and watch a mental-movie of winning
whatever the prize is. Tiger Woods spends 30-minutes playing the
18-hole course in his mind’s eye, as a rehearsal.

2. An auditory affirmation you will repeat aloud, or silently (when
people are around) to program your subconscious for winning. Five-minutes
twice a-day. “Every day, in every way, I’m winning more and more pots of money.”

Get a rhythm, “Every way, in every way, I’m winning more and more pots of
Money.” Again, and again. Now act-as-if it is so, think as-if it is your reality, and
feel-as-if, it is a fact of your life.

3. This is the most important principle to become a “money-player”. You must take
a pen to paper, or play your computer keyboard, and write a simple but clear business
plan. About what? How you are going to win the prize, tournament, or promotion.

Details count. Are you a Day-Trader? How many buy and sell orders will you execute
today. How will you know you are a success? When will you stop? Facts and details
program (condition) your mind. You create Associations leading to winning.

Writing it uses V-A-K, your three major senses, Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic.
You see it with your Primary Visual Cortex; hear it in your brain as you
read it, and finally feel it (sense of touch) using your (tactile, haptic) Kinesthetic sense.

4. Set up your environment to remind you that you are a winner – “money-player”.
Put expensive paintings on your walls (or at least great copies). Paper the walls, including
your toilet mirror with Benjamin Franklin $100 bills (or at least excellent copies). Have
brochures on your desk of mansions, Rolls Royces, and million-dollar motor ships.

What For?

You are creating and maintaining a “money-consciousness”, the Midas Touch, and
Programming yourself as a “money-magnet”. Your function is to ‘make-believe’,
pretend, and ACT-AS-IF, you are a “money-player” in business, relationships,
and Texas Hold’Em Poker.

Don’t laugh, “fake-it-until-you make-it”. See, your subconscious mind is 83.33%
of your brain, while your conscious mind is just 16.66.%. Subconscious mind does not
know the difference between reality and “imaginary”. So what?

It accepts your mental-movies (visualization) as fact and reality. Practice in your
mind is exactly the same, as far as your subconscious knows, as physical rehearsal.
All the same muscles contract, and the same neural-networks in your brain - fire.


Your life is your choice. You can become a “money-player” and win money, promotions,
and relationships. You must follow the principles outlined in 1-4. Our graduates have
changed the odds and probabilities in their favor. They are consistent winners in
what they put their minds to.

We teach executives these principles and they turn their lives around financially and
socially. Last thing, until you become a speed reader, you are living in the 20th century.
Ask me how to be a speed reader, and improve your long-term memory.

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See ya,

Copyright © 2011, H. Bernard Wechsler

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