"I never know what I think about something until I read what I've written on it." -- William Faulkner
Years ago I was in a treatment facility trying to learn how to live life on life’s terms. To say my mind was a super speedway would have been an understatement. Disjointed thoughts continually raced around.
What was I really thinking?
I was introduced to the concept of journaling. I must admit, initially, it struck me as silly. Isn’t this what girls do when they keep a diary?
With time, I came to accept the value of journaling. I do it frequently for myself, and it is a part of the daily balance routine I try to instil in my clients and others I work with. (Free balance check list available through www.hopeserenity.ca). Journaling, simply put, allows me to get what’s going on in the inside to the outside, and as Faulkner’s quote says, once on the outside I can begin to realise what I really think (and feel).
I have kept journals going back some 16 years, and it is interesting to go make and read past journals to appreciate the growth curve I have gone through.
Today, a lot of my journaling is done on the computer, and I still find it extremely therapeutic. My mind can still be a speedway, and journaling does allow me to sit a write on various thoughts, read, and reflect on what my thoughts really are. In my journals, I try to capture words that truly express hoe I “feel” about various things.
No longer do I look at journaling as something girls do while young, I find it an essential part of daily living and a record of growth!
Today, I have a good tool in my living kit to help me understand what I am thinking.

"When you choose to understand [and] exercise control over the functions and attributes of your own mind, you will be empowered to create your own reality, to be completely self-reliant and totally prosperous." -- The Delfin Knowledge System

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Keith Bray is a Master Certified Addictions Life Coach coaching those affected by substance abuse as an affordable rehab option