There have been moments in the life of every married couple when the word divorce is mentioned in the heat of the moment by either of the partners. Divorce may seem like a rare occurrence, but the statistics say otherwise. A 2014 data released by the Office of National Statistics show that the rate of divorce in modern couples is 42%. The divorce lawyers are at the forefront of the divorce cases. They want people to know a few things about marriage and relationships and Divorce.

The marriage and relationship of couples

Marriage is a relationship that requires continuous efforts of both the partners. You both have to actively engage in staying married to get it to work. First few years of marriage are important since these years build the foundation of your married life.

Usually, the first three years are happier and a visit to a counselor may seem like unnecessary. It's important for you both to make this effort and it may turn out to be the difference between a successful marriage or a failed one. Another thing that should be taken care off from the start is setting up the boundaries for in-laws. The frequency of disputes between spouses due to in-law related incidences is staggeringly high.

Avoiding the fights

A fight or argument between spouses may happen and escalate if both of you don't keep track of or avoid certain things. Don't use the words 'always' and 'never' when you're trying to make your spouse understand your feeling.

Most of the times the use of these words will make your spouse want to react instead of understanding your statement. Also, you should never undermine your partner in front of friends or family either verbally or in writing like in an SMS. These things weaken your relationship.

Let your spouse know their importance

As the year passes, the couples forget to compliment their partners and telling them how important they are and how much you love them. These seemingly simple things not only show your partner that you care and love them, but they also show that they are important to you. You both should plan a vacation together at least one's a year. It's a great way to reconnect without a distraction and revive your relationship.

Divorce the great divider

  • Common causes - The three major causes of divorce are money, religion, and sex. Legally, the commonest reasons are unreasonable behavior and adultery.
  • The presence of children is a major deterrent to divorce.
  • The decision to take divorce usually happens in the third or fourth year before having children or after the children move out.
  • The divorce cases are mostly filed by women
  • Emotions may cause you to file for divorce prematurely, so it's better to consider the decision for at least a year and a half before proceeding. Also, the presence of anger and being emotional may turn the divorce proceedings ugly instead of amicable.
  • There's no upper or lower limit of the cost involved in divorce proceedings. The main cause of escalation of the cost is unresolved emotional or monetary issues.
  • The average time taken to get a divorce is a year and a half

The selection of a divorce lawyer like Petroske Divorce Law in Long Island who can professionally handle your case is critical. They should be someone you are comfortable to work with. They should be able to objectively handle your case.

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