Regardless of any event or circumstance that appears in our lives, I believe there is a consistent present force that permeates it all. There is an underlying element that provides a directional sequence towards the balance of well-being. Everything in life holds within it a substance for well-being. This is the same substance that provides the resiliency needed for our body to heal itself, and the same substance that inhabits Planet Earth and everything else. We may not know it exists, unless we can align with its vibrational frequency. The planet and other living things stay in alignment with it at all times, however Humans tend to restrict their awareness of such a substance. Without alignment with well-being our lives spiral toward negative effects. We are easily drawn off track from the frequency of well-being by thoughts of worry, fear, and limitation. To be in alignment with any frequency which may enhance our lives, it helps to be aware of the proper way to go about it. We may find it hard to imagine that something good comes from relaxing and allowing, rather than struggle and pursuit, but the fact is the less resistance we have the better our lives adhere to well-being.

Our alignment to the frequency of Well-being, really boils down to what we think and believe. It is what we think and believe that produces our feelings. It is the vibration of our feelings, that aligns us with the type of frequency we produce. For example; to truly feel the Love that another has for you, you must first align with the same frequency of their love through thinking and believing in the love they express towards you. Another example of the opposite which can occur, would be what happens when we have taken someone’s love for granted, we become disconnected with often disastrous results. Being in tune to frequency is the only beneficial ingredient that is needed for positive results. Believing or knowing that well-being is a part of nature, can have tremendous effects in our physical world. When aligning with this substance of well-being, we are actually directing our thoughts in a way that can produce the feeling (or vibration), that reduces and eliminates our restrictive negative thinking. Along with this alignment, we will be attracting more of the same to us.

Well-being is within our nature and all of Nature. It is the drive behind our pursuit of happiness. We know down deep it exists whether we believe in it or not, we just have a hard time identifying the evidence of its existence. Anyone can be honest and realize that every hardship they have ever faced, has always somehow been overcome or even magically disappeared. Many can even relate to a seemingly awful event in their lives, which may have taken on new meaning once accepting it as something necessary for their progress. The evidence of Well-being does exist! God made everything with our well-being in mind, there is no mistake. As we begin to appreciate this wonderful truth, our life truly becomes more exciting. We can learn to re-evaluate mishaps and unfortunate circumstance, into good fortune and expectation. Life will begin to flow with ease and comfort.

All that is necessary is to allow a feeling of well-being to take root. There is no need to exert it into existence, for it already exists. Relax and allow Nature to be. We came here to enjoy life as it is, and there is a substance of well-being assuring our success!

Author's Bio: 

Perhaps it was from his early childhood where his introspective insight may be found, and of where he instinctively embraced the only perception he knew. Rolley was born legally blind, which blurred the visual world around him until the age of six, when eyeglasses dramatically changed his initial introduction. This new perspective never truly destroyed the intensity of his earlier environment. The evidence of his inward reality to find comfort and meaning that he experienced early on and how he has come to know life today is finally being revealed through his writing. He attempts to illustrate the essence of this understanding that he believes is inherited from birth.

After years of denying his true aspirations, he finally proceeded to exploit his passion for writing. He learned many skills in the art of Labor along the way, which labeled him a jack of many trades. There were many facets of life he experienced that could have prevented his progress, but none had more impact than his battle with Alcoholism. Fortunate to have found sobriety that could redefine his character at the age of thirty four, he developed a spiritual path in order to remain sober. He has since succumbed to his spiritual principles and philosophical ideas with an extended need to write it down. Always writing from what he feels, a lot of his works are privately distributed. Wanting to share with everyone his gained knowledge of happiness, he is now publishing several of his short stories and articles. His intentions are to clarify the meaning of anything he writes, with a simple and easy to understand explanation.