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I new client called me the other day, saying that she had seen me talk at the local Y and would like to see me to lose some weight. She had been plagued by excess weight ever since she could remember and her life had suffered as a result.

All through her childhood she had been rejected by her “slimmer” classmates and was constantly ribbed about her size. She saw her friends (what few she had) get married, have kids and live a good life, when she was single and had no prospects for a married future. She was upset by this and finally had saved enough money as well as mentally putting herself in a place where she now wanted to commit to being a thinner person. She had dieted before but to no avail, as she tended to lose heart when she saw only minor changes to her weight.

Her decision to use hypnotherapy came as a direct result of something that I had said during my lecture. I was explaining how, locked within our subconscious were the habit patterns and choices that led us to being the way we were, and that we needed to own the fact that it was our choices that led us to be the way we were.

By changing the subconscious image (rewriting the script), by creating a new image of the way we want to be over the old image of the way we were, would, in my opinion create the changes that she wanted. This opinion is something that I have expressed to many clients and has to date been very successful in helping them with their issues.

When you have decided that you want to lose weight, starvation is NOT recommended as it can produce negative and harmful effects to the body.

Hypnotherapy helps to decrease or increase your appetite, reduce the desire for fattening foods, change your eating habits, increase your motivation to exercise, to eat healthy foods, reach your desired weight, eliminate the root cause of your overeating and eliminate your conflicting desires, as well as stopping night time snacking caused by boredom, loneliness, anger, sadness or any of a broad range of emotions causing one to overeat even when not hungry.
Here's a tip, if you aren't hungry, emotion may be the only motivation to eat.
In losing weight it becomes important to watch the amount of sugar that you eat as research shows sugar can weaken the immune system, contributing to the aging process, raising stress levels, contributing to Type II diabetes, and creating more fat in your body (sugar is a carbohydrate). Sugar and sweets are fine in small infrequent doses but reducing sugars and sweets will help to keep you healthier and happier.
Hypnosis is the perfect tool for re-educating your subconscious mind to reduce your cravings and food impulses and to give you back your choice as to what healthy foods to eat.
Permanent weight loss occurs with a change in lifestyle and Hypnosis helps you make those changes.

Weight loss begins in the mind and the simple truth is that every weight loss program works better if you exercise. Hypnotherapy gives you the motivation to exercise.
Hypnosis changes the way you think about food, stops the struggle, and helps you to enjoy exercise! Stop your self- sabotage, work out more and feel better about yourself as you lose the excess weight.

Hunger is the physiological need of the body. Culture or habitual eating can stimulate appetite and lead you to eat when you don’t want to as you find yourself eating to be sociable, even when you are not hungry. One woman I know is a victim of cultural eating and as a result of refusing to break with her culture is becoming obese, and even while knowing what she is doing and why, she refuses to make the social change that could well save her life.

A person on a diet has to be aware to control their appetite or else they increase the chances of swelling because of fats. Both terms should not be interchanged however. Hypnotherapy helps to control the appetite not the hunger.

The brain transmits hunger to the body when the body lacks the calories to maintain sufficient energy to be capable of doing the tasks that are needed, thus stimulating hunger. Though the body is not disabled when one is hungry, hunger can weaken a person and cause the body’s internal activities to slow down. As the body slows down, so weight loss is reduced.

Weight loss occurs when one eats the right foods and exercises in a consistent manner. As Dr. Laura Schlesinger says, “If you want to lose weight, then eat half as much and work out twice as long.”

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I received my certifications in August of 1991graduating with honors from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Tarzana, California, the first and only nationally accredited school for hypnosis in the United States.

The Hypnosis Motivation Institute requires over 600 hours of accelerated education for certification. I am also a Certified Master Hypnotist.

I was born and raised in London, England. I left England and traveled extensively in Europe, followed by 2yrs in Israel, 8 yrs in Australia and, as of now 26 yrs in America.

I have been A Customer Service manager in 2 different companies in Australia, achieving these positions as a result of my hard work from entry level positions.

I was Top salesman of the year, two years in a row with GTE Australia, Yellow Pages. Winning a total of 15 major sales awards.

Top Marketing representative responsible for sales income of $12.5 mill to FHP (A medical Insurance Company) here in California.

A videotape editor and technician for CBS Television City for 13 years. Having worked numerous live shows, such as Big Brother, The Price is Right, American Idol as well as being the technician responsible for rolling prime time pre-taped shows, and formatting the shows for air.

My work experience has been wide and varied, which emphasises the fact that any one can enter a field of which they have no knowledge and create their own success within it, as my results have constantly shown.

In 1994 I had a severe and debilitating back condition which required major surgery. My recovery time was significantly faster than the Doctor’s had anticipated and my expected side effects of weakness and loss of feeling were significantly less than the Doctors had anticipated.

Both the Doctor and I absolutely attribute the great recovery to my self-hypnosis.

That same year I also had a major heart condition, which in fact left me clinically dead for 3 minutes.

Again my recovery time using self-hypnosis was much faster than the doctors anticipated.

I am always amazed at what people can do as a result of a little Hypnotherapeautic "push" to assist anyone to resolve their issues.

Becoming a Hypnotherapist in 1991 was the best thing that I ever did, as it allows me the continual opportunity to be of service to others and to help and to motivate people.

I have also had excellent results in general practice dealing with any and all issues presented to me by my clients.

I have had great success in assisting people to understand their behaviors, assisting them with habit control, panic and Anxiety, weight loss, nail biting, positive visualization, motivation, as well as many other issues.

People are amazing and can do absolutely anything they set their minds to, and I am always thrilled to be a part of that discovery.

By applying the techniques learned at The Hypnosis Motivation Institute I have helped many clients from wide and varied walks of life to a happier, more healthy and successful life.

My practice is based on my assisting YOU to gain the vocational or avocational changes YOU want.

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