Karnataka is a South Indian state that is home to a majority of the Hindu population. Although the State has other religious people, their number will be less. So, let us concentrate on the wedding ceremonies of the Hindus in Karnataka. Each marriage will start with the selection of the bride or the groom. It is usually done by the parents either through references from relatives or through matrimonial websites.
Matchfinder offers various advantages like finding a person from a specific religion or community. If you need a Gowda divorced bride, you can search Gowda matrimony on Matchfinder. Gowda wedding rituals are typical happenings of a Hindu family as below.
Gowda Pre-wedding Rituals
Nischay Tamulam – Nischay Tamulam is the official engagement ceremony of the Karnataka people. It will be a gathering of the family members from the bride and the groom’s sides. They will sit along with a priest and let him recite some mantras along with the details of the engagement of the two souls.
Turmeric bath – Before the wedding, there will be a ceremony of purification of the bride and the groom at their respective houses. Both of them will have a bath (application of a paste on their bodies) using turmeric paste. They believe this process will clean them before the wedding.
Kashi Yatra – It is a typical fun-filled ceremony of the Karnataka people in which the groom will act like he will not marry the bride as he has fed up with the proceedings. He will pack up his things and decide to move north towards Kashi, a holy place to find inner peace and Moksha. Then the bride’s uncle or father will convince the groom to withdraw his decision and get back to marry the bride.
Ganesh pooja – Once the groom’s family reaches the wedding venue, there will be a prayer to Lord Ganesh for his blessings to complete the wedding without any issues.
Gowri pooja – Similarly, the bride’s family will be conducting a pooja for the goddess Gowri.
The Gowda wedding
The proceedings of the marriage will begin with the bride’s father washing the feet of the groom in the Paatha pooja ceremony. After this, the groom will move to the stage on the Mandap before the holy fire. There will be a priest chanting some mantras and pouring some rice with flowers into the fire. Then the bride will accompany the groom before the fire. They both will chant the mantras and do the same as the priest.
The wedding is done when the groom ties a yellow thread known as Mangalsutra around the bride’s neck, and the couple takes seven rounds around the holy fire holding the hands. The bride’s father will hand over his daughter’s hand to the groom.
Gowda Post-wedding Events
The bride will move to the groom’s house, and there will be a Gruha Pravesh ceremony. In this ceremony, the groom’s mother will welcome the bride with an aarti, and the naming ceremony of the bride will take place.

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