A wedding is surely one of the best and most special days for the groom and bride. While you want everything to be perfect on your wedding day, you cannot ignore the songs that will be played on this day. If you are wondering what songs you can play on the wedding day, we have brought some of the best wedding songs ideas. This can help you shortlist the songs for your wedding. The wedding songs are meant for expressing love and your emotions that you are going through.

Wedding Song Ideas

Have you started planning on the songs you’ll need for the wedding? One of the most important things to consider when planning your wedding is the music. We are here to provide you with a list of the best songs that are perfect for your wedding. There are many songs which depict the emotion and love which is great for your wedding day. Here is the list of the songs that are ideal for your wedding:

Wedding Songs While Getting Ready

You can choose some of the best songs which are ideal for getting ready on your wedding day. You can play songs like Formation by Beyonce which is quite a beautiful song depicting all the emotions a bride goes through while getting ready. Some more songs are – Roar by Katy Perry, Independent Women by Destiny’s Child, Work It by Missy Elliott and Girl on Fire b Alicia Keys.

Songs for Secular Processional

Secular processional ceremonies are important on any wedding. You need some of the best songs for this moment. You can choose from these – I walk the line by Johnny Cash, I’ll be your mirror by Velvet Underground, God only knows by The Beach Boys and Baby, I love you by The Ramones. These songs can be the perfect songs for your wedding day. These songs have beautiful lyrics which help to depict the feeling and the state of mind through words.

Songs for the Wedding Ceremony

When the wedding ceremony begins, everyone’s eyes focus on the bride and the groom. Thousands of emotions, thoughts and anxiety rush through their mind. At this point, having some of the best songs in the background can help to make the scenario beautiful and divine. For this moment, you can play some of the songs like – Somebody loved by The Weepies, Forever Young by Bob Dylan, For the Widows in Paradise by Sufjan Stevens and How can I keep from singing by Judy Collins.
Songs for Secular Recessional Wedding
Some of the best songs that you can play for this situation are – This Kiss by Faith Hill, Just Like Heaven by The Cure, XO by Beyonce, Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen, and Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap.

Final Words

Once you select a wedding venue, it’s important to start playing your music playsit. These are some of the best wedding songs ideas that you can use on your wedding day. It is important for you to shortlist from these songs and then you can play the best ones which go perfectly with your mood and emotion. All these songs are perfect for your wedding day. When everything is perfect for your wedding, you need to make sure that the songs are also perfect for the day.

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