At a wedding show I attended recently, I was astounded to discover a significant aspect of the wedding planning process that virtually all of the brides that I talked to, which was quite a large number, had left unattended, not even a thought.

Now you ask ”on such an important occasion in a couples' lives,what could be so universally overlooked”. Every bride that came to my booth when asked the question “Where would you like to go on your honeymoon?” replied “I don't know”.
My next question was “Well would you like to go on a cruise or go to an all-inclusive?” The answer was “We haven't thought about it.”

Here are a few reasons why this aspect of the wedding planning process should be moved way up on the priority list.

First, the bottom line is affected. The fact is that the honeymoon costs money and is a fairly significaqnt expence when added to the overall budget. The hall, the wedding apparel, the entertainment , what people to ask, the dinner and refreshments and a myriad of other details are important, to be sure, however, the thoughts of your romantic honeymoon will linger long after the reception is forgotten.

Secondly, you will go where you want to go and do what you want to do if you plan ahead. If you make your choices of the location and activities that you want to experience when there is ample stock and flights available, you will save money. As the supply dwindles, the price goes up until it becomes a “last minute deal”. The best part of the planning process is that it won't cost you a lot of money to attain the honeymoon of your dreams. A small deposit is all that is necessary and that is refundable up to the final payment date. Make sure you read the fine print to know what your financial rites are. The risk is minimal. You will get the best prices and the honeymoon of your choice if you pre-plan. Last minute deals are “left overs”; trips that no one else wants and no one has purchased so the price has been reduced to get rid of them. I don't think that is the manner most brides want to start their new lives with their loving partners.

So along in the wedding planning process you need a knowledgeable and expert travel consultant. Choose someone who has the credentials, who has a broad experience base and who can deal with people under pressure. Ask anyone who has done it, planning a wedding is pressure packed.

Finally, a major aspect of your new life together will be taken care of with your choices fulfilled, with your needs and wants as the base considerations and with knowledge, care, service and assistance at your disposal to make your decisions. So please, move the honeymoon way up on the ladder of the list of priorities of the wedding planning process and save yourself a lot of stress and some money as well.

Now if we are talking a destination wedding, that is a whole new subject

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Bruce has been assisting clients in all aspects of travel for the last 6-7 years. During that time, he achieved his ACC and CTC designations demonstrating his dedication to his clients as well as the high standard of service whch all clients deserve. He has, also, achieved his qualification from TICO as a Travel Consultant. Destination weddings and honeymoon travel, cruise and group travel are his niche so you can feel secure in placing your trust in him. Contact Bruce at 905-342-3750, 888-970-8811 or