Getting a legal Wedding Photography Contract in place is really important to eliminate out any kind of misunderstandings that are likely to arise. Wedding photography and pre wedding photography have become a trend of the current day and very small of the misunderstandings might turn out to be real headaches for the clients and profit losses for the photographer himself. Moreover, having a legal contract will strengthen the trust between professional wedding photographer Singapore and the client along with clearing out any kind of terms and conditions that might be applicable. Let us discuss the points that are really important to be included in a wedding photography contract.

Everything that a Wedding Photography Contract must include:

- Names and Contact Information: The first and the most important things to be mentioned in any contract needs to be the client’s full name along with his contact details, as well as the photographer’s or the company’s details.

- A summary of each side: Actual day photographer needs to document each and everything in the contract itself. It is really important to document down the deliverables applicable from both the sides. The payments to be made by the client, the number of shoots to be done by the photographer, everything must be documented down properly and signed off from both the sides.

- The Cancellation Policy: It might occur in a number of instances that a shoot might need to be canceled from the client’s side or the photographer’s side due to some emergency. In the worst of the cases, it must be written down in the contract so as to what would happen to the payment or the shoots if the shoot gets canceled by either of the sides.

- The Payment Schedule: It is very difficult for the client to make the whole payment in advance and tough for the actual day photographer Singapore too to receive the payment after the completion of the project; thereafter, it is really important to set out payment schedule which needs to be paid at the defined intervals and must be followed strictly.

- Copyright Claims: It is really important to define the copyright as well as the usage claim rights which must be cleared out at the starting with the contract itself. Use rights need to be imparted to the client for life in case of family photography and wedding photography, however, they might be kept limited in case of commercial photography.

Penning down a legal contract before setting off of the photography project actually eliminates a lot of possible misunderstanding between the client and the photographer. Moreover, it is really important for any professional to clear out all the applicable terms and conditions before the commencement of the photo shoot.

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