The occasion of wedding is of great significance in one's life and who doesn't want great pictures as memory for this great day because after all it is correctly believed that the days don't remain the same but the only thing that remains the same are wonderful mesmerizing pictures of the day. Most of the people hire professional photographers to capture the day and not only the wedding day, but they are hired to capture events even before the marriage, most of them get their pre-wedding photography shoots done, some get all the ceremonies captured. But do you know everything may seem perfect, but some flaws always exist and this article highlights the major flaws that can be avoided during wedding shoots.

#1. Meet The Photographer In Advance

In order to build a good relationship and getting comfortable with the photographer it is very important for the couple to meet these photographers well in advance. Well, that is exactly the main motive of pre-wedding shoots so that by the time of wedding you are well connected with the wedding photographer Singapore.

#2. Plan Group Photos More Than Solo’s

Well wedding is that time of your life where families and friends from across the globe come and visit you to shower their blessings. So what are your memories without them in a frame?

#3. Plan Your Budget In Advance And Keep The Conversation Clear Well In Advance With Your Photographer

Most of the time a huge mess is created because the pay and expenses on the photographer is not finalized way before and no wonder you can be overcharged due to this negligence. It is always advised to sign a contract for shoots with your photographer.

#4. Make Sure The Frame Only Has People When They Pose

Well, during a shoot it is often noticed that the groom’s pockets can be seen bulging with wallets, keys and phone. This impression of objects catches the people’s attention way before the love and the couple.

#5. Decide Your Poses For Solo Shoots Well In Advance

Being seamless in front of the camera can distract and bore the actual day photographer and he might not show much interest in capturing the best shots for your wedding and I am sure no one wants that.

#6. Capture Everything From Faces To Decorations

Well the decorations and celebrations are never the same after your wedding. So ask your photographer to capture every minute detail from flowers, decorations, stage, food, candid’s, and guests to everything. It will be mesmerizing to see them later.

#7. Never Let Relatives Get In Your Way

Guests are always excited even more than you to be in your albums, but don’t let that ruin your special shoots. Pre-plan them and stick to the schedule.

#8. Try Hiring More Than One Photographer

This will let you have all the photos from every different perspective that a single actual day photographer misses out.

#9. Always Get Shoots Done As Soon As You’re Ready

Never postpone your shoots for a later time after the wedding, after all the fresh soup is always the tastiest.

#10. Let Your Photographer Know About What You Don’t Like

This will prevent him from capturing anything that you don’t want and keep your album friendly.

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