Impressive presentation needs a Style sheet:
Style sheets are used for presentation of data, in a certain style or format. Web presentation using modern day tools, needs one to know about syntax and codes that are needed for representing any kind of data in a browser. A browser can recognize style sheets used, when proper syntax is followed.
A CSS Colours chart will be very useful, when one needs to use graphics and colors in their website. For example displaying certain text in other colors and with visual effects, will need one to use style sheets. These are easily integrable in HTML, or any other mark up language used these days. This makes them a very good choice for online marketing through attractive websites.
CSS integration into HTML:
CSS is easy to learn, as it has no complex syntax to be followed. Page style using HTML was very difficult, because every paragraph, or text line needed to be styled explicitly by mentioning it in syntax. This was difficult to follow. With use of CSS one can easily style font, para or any part of page.
For displaying colored text using HTML is a difficult prospect, but given CSS Colours chart availability online, it has become easy these days. Not only visual graphic, one can also embed video, or audio file wherever necessary.
XTML and best CSS level:
A server is using XTML, to show data on web browser, can also use these cascading style sheets. Earlier versions of Netscape did not support CSS. Newer versions have CSS integration.
Using latest levels of CSS always helps. There is some design aspect that is not addressed in every level. Like for example, layout controls are not as good with level three CSS. Style sheets, present a web designer a way to demarcate presentation and just plain content in a web page.

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