Startup is the new way to do business across the globe. Governments are pushing and promoting young minds to start their own companies. From making special policies to organizing hackathons, funding to setting up incubation centers, organizing business meetups, government bodies are backing innovative ideas and businesses led by young entrepreneurs. In fact, big tech companies are also investing in small scale startup companies which help them to promote themselves better.

Helping startups is a must as they face lots of challenges in setting up their businesses. But, there is one forever issue which these companies face and i.e. to gain and retain customers. We all know customers are king. Happy and satisfied customers help you bring more customers and grow your business. Remember, getting customers is not just about contacting them; it's about connecting with them.

There are many ways of getting customers but having a web portal is the new way for upscaling, enhancing, and growing your business.

Let's understand how a web portal can help you as a startup company for gaining and retaining customers even during the pandemic.

What is a web portal?

According to Liferay, “A portal is a web-based platform that collects information from different sources into a single user interface and presents users with the most relevant information for their context. Over time, simple web portals have evolved into portal platforms that support digital customer experience initiatives.”

And here’s how it helps a startup likes yours grow:

Simplified Management

This is one of the major issues most of the startups are facing. Many of them don’t know the key of management. But, with the help of a single portal, you can manage your company, employees, and customers all in one place. Web portals can also work as an internal employee portal. Here, your employees can collaborate with each other and streamline internal operations. Not only this but with the help of a web portal it becomes easy for your customers to reach out to you. This not only reduces a lot of miscommunication and management mishaps but also simplifies internal processes.

Flexible and User-friendly

Digital is the new normal. From purchasing hairpins to big electronic items or even paying for everything is now online. Today more than half of the population of the world is dependent on the internet. In such a rat race, having a good, user friendly, and easy to navigate UI/UX is necessary. If your customers are facing difficulty in navigating through your web portal or even your website then it is likely that they will drop the idea of doing business with you.

Bad UI/UX is one of the major issues why your customers don’t come back to your website. In this scenario, developing a custom web portal is the key. You can have complete control over these things and create a portal that lives up to your customers’ expectations helping you create a brand name.

Secure Channel

Security is an essential part of any online product today. Having a secure portal means your clients’ data is safe and they trust you with it. Your clients will also have individual login credentials using which they can log in their accounts and have access to their documents only. It works as a secure channel for your clients to communicate with you.

Custom Solution

There are thousands of web portals available in the market and looking at the different options with myriad features might confuse you. This is why a customized portal is the way to go. There are lots of web portal development companies out there that can help you to create a portal of your choice according to your business logic.

Having a custom portal means it can have the features and functionalities of your choice, you can also develop a custom theme based on your website’s design language. Additionally, having a custom portal also gives you an opportunity to integrate features based on your clients' feedback as well.

In short, having a custom web portal is a win-win situation for you as well as your customers.

Single Sign-in Option

Once the web portal integrates with your website then it becomes very easy for your customers to sign in to your portal. They can easily access the technical documents, generate tickets for their issues, access user manuals, understand your company’s products, services, and many such things. Additionally, integrating web portals helps even your support team member in solving your customers’ issues efficiently.

Creating a Brand

If your company requires a strong social media presence then you can integrate the same in your web portal which makes it easier for you to interact with your customers. And get new customers as well. Not only communicating but you can also come to know their issues directly through social media platforms. We all know how powerful social media is. Big tech companies have dedicated support pages that help their customers to easily solve the issues round the clock.

Providing round the clock support on a platform of your customers’ choice will not only help you in getting new customers but will also build up the reputation of your company.

Being an entrepreneur has its own difficulties but with the help of the technology and correct tools you can surely make your name in the market. Business is all about taking risks, sometimes there are profits, sometimes there are losses. But keeping up with the market trends is the key to success.

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