In today’s world, computer technology is been used by human in almost every sector. Whether it is bank or shop or school, computer technology is widely used in all ways. The mobile and internet technology are growing leaps and bound rate.

Linking of software with the internet provides an easy way to access the software from anywhere and anytime. Web Based School Management Software provides a perfect solution for the school management to manage their school function without any difficulties.

These days, schools have various types of activities like, courses and batches, Timetable, Student attendance, Examination, Student admission, assignments, online test, fees management, payroll management and many more. Web Based School Management Software is designed in such a way that it can easily manage these things without any difficulties. Web Based School Management Software can manage entire requirement like academic task to students’ curriculum, tracking of buses and biometric attendance of teachers and students to library and account management. Web Based School Management Software has becomes the major part of the school identity because it is capable of betterment of school’s performance.

The modern web based school management software is not only helpful for school management but it also helps parents to keep a close watch on their ward’s performance and taking steps to improve it. Searching of books on school portal with the help of library automation is very easy. Students can search any books according to their needs. If students do not return the book on time then late fine will be automatically calculated and added to the student’s account and its makes library error free.

Another helpful feature of web based school management software is that it can track the buses through GPS technology. Tracking the buses does not only helps students but it also helps school management. Safety, route and jam alert can be easily known.

Many modern and advance web based school management software is capable of designing the next generation of software which will help students to raise their knowledge level s. An online mock test can be conducted anytime to evaluate the student’s academic performance. Students can clear their doubts and concept anytime. And the best part is, installation of web based school management software does not require any complex wires connection or devices. Any computer with internet connect can easily access web based school management software.

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IFCON School Pro is web based school management software developed in PHP, which helps you to manage your school or college institutions more efficiently. This application covers all aspects of an educational institutions starting from admissions to alumni.