Despite the festive mood of this precious time of year, the news, of chaos and turmoil that are attempting to spread their wings of doom upon our world, may lead one to be cynical pertinent to acquiring a jovial attitude in celebrating Christmas and the New Year. Nevertheless, we need to perceive it as an opportunity for reflection and a chance for a renewal of our hopes and aspirations.

For no definite or rational reasons, we tend to acquire generous spirit during such special occasions. Regardless of their religious significance, Christmas and the New Year easily and continuously bring the best of our traits to the forefront in dealing with our fellow human beings.

We tend to be empathetic, sympathetic and compassionate toward those whose misfortunate lead them to feel despondent and destitute during the holidays. Some people, voluntarily donate funds and goods to charities while others share their homes and food with their neighbors and the homeless.

In general, we ought to seize the generous spirit of the holidays to narrow the gap of differences between us and attempt to achieve harmonious coexistence with one another. It is time to acquire the logic and wisdom to understand that we must transcend our political, social, racial and religious difference to collaborate in our struggle to ensure the survival of the human race.

History had taught us that wars benefit no one. Actually, they result in destructive ramifications and consequences including the collapse of the economy of the fighting countries and the worsening the animosity and hostility between them not to mention the loss of human lives. Hence, we should deal with their conflicts, regardless of their complexity, through constructive dialogue and compromising.

Leaders must fight the temptations to drag their countries into military or trade wars that would endanger the well-being and complicate the lives of their citizens. They ought to understand that no nation, no matter how small or weak it is, will bow in compliance to the pressure exerted by another nation through military or trade wars. It will do its best to ensure the survival of its economy and the continuation of its independence. Empty threats and verbal rhetorical irrational and impulsive statements resolve no conflicts.

Nowadays, some countries were dragged into trade wars instigated by the USA through imposing unreasonable tariffs on imported goods to which they defiantly reciprocated by imposing equivalent or more taxes on imported American goods. The only suffering victims of those trivial trade wars are the poor citizens of the involved-in-conflict countries.

As individuals, regardless of our racial, religious or political backgrounds must rid ourselves of any misconceptions regarding the human-created differences between us. We need to understand that we all are human beings with the same hopes and needs. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we cease from creating walls of differences between us and deal with one another as human beings?
Special events, regardless of their origins and significance provide us with a golden opportunity to extend our hands and open our hearts and minds to reach out and
make a positive difference in others’ lives by taking the time to share the joys of the holidays with them.

Regardless of your religious beliefs and racial background transcend your apprehension enough to wish your Christian neighbors, foreign friends and coworkers a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year hoping that they will reciprocate and share the festivities of your own with you.
Through laughter and nourishment of the souls and minds through awareness of each other’s traditions and cultures, we can get closer to achieving harmony between us.

As a born Muslim, I attempt to share all special events, regardless of their origins and significance with my fellow human beings because I do believe that we desperately need joyous occasions to restore our faith in humanity and abolish the hatred and discrimination that attempt to swallow our chance at achieving eternal peace among members of the human race.

Finally, I must seize to wish my fellow human beings a very happy holidays and a joyous New year in which Chinese lead a healthy and happy life. I wish that peace and prosperity shared by people everywhere.

The views stated in this article are mine yet I hope that they are shared by enlightened people everywhere.

Author's Bio: 

Sava Hassan is a known author, poet and educator. He won several awards and published 3 books and numerous articles.