We Broke Up and He Hasn't Called: After A Breakup and He Doesn't Call

When you have just ended your relationship and you are still hoping that you can still work things out with your ex, you are probably praying and hoping to receive a phone call from your ex. That's pathetic! Why wait forever on the phone when you can actually make your ex call you soon? Read on and learn how to get your ex to call you back soon!

1. Cut the communication for a while

The proverb "out of sight out of mind" is never true! As a matter of fact, the more you don't see a person, the more you wish to see him/her and the sound of his/her voice is enough to lessen the longing. Thus, when you cut the communication, both in person and in phone, your ex will surely have the desire to dial your number on the phone! This works and it is one of the best ways on how to get your ex to call you back.

2. Feel good and be pretty pleased with yourself!

When you feel good, you would certainly look good. You will develop that self confidence that even though your relationship has ended, you still know how to carry yourself. This is noticeable and if other people can see this confidence in you, they find it attractive and appealing. Can you just imagine how your ex would feel when he/she sees you this way?

3. Know how and when to react

Timing and reaction are very crucial especially if you want to learn how to get your ex to call you back. If it hasn't been long since you broke up and you are too emotional and eager to communicate again, your ex will just take you for granted because he/she knows you are still in love with him/her. Take a little break, relax, and just be casual and your ex will certainly wonder why you aren't affected by your break -up at all. This will make him/her want to solve the mystery and this is easier done by calling you on the phone.

Still thinking of making the first move of calling your ex? Stop that! With the ways on how to get your ex to call you back mentioned above, expect a phone call from your ex soon!

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Breakups can be very difficult and painful, and sometimes this feeling stays in your system for a very long time. So, if you still aren't over your last breakup and you still have thoughts of winning your ex boyfriend back, then you might want to try out a particular method that just might help you this time around: texting.

When it comes to winning your ex boyfriend back through text, it would be important to give him the space he needs. No matter how much you're aching to win him back, you must try to act like you are no longer affected by the breakup and that you don't care that much anymore. This would mean avoiding text messages that ask him what he has been up to recently. If you can, try not texting him for as long as possible. This is to avoid looking needy and desperate in his eyes. Being the needy and desperate ex girlfriend is a huge turn-off to guys. Your ex boyfriend can take advantage of your vulnerability and this would not benefit you in the long run.

Now, if you and your ex boyfriend move around in the same circles or go to the same school or office, then it might be harder to avoid texting him, especially if you have projects or activities together. In cases like these, the best way to winning your ex boyfriend back is to be civil when texting him. Also, you have to make sure that you should keep your text messages short and simple. And, if you can, avoid stalking him by frequenting the places he usually hangs out in. Limit the chances of the two of you bumping into each other and focus your energies in expanding your social circles.

At this point, if winning your ex boyfriend back is your top priority, you have to show him that you can handle yourself pretty well without him, no matter how much you want him back in your arms. The reason behind this is that if your ex boyfriend finds out that you're still overly bothered by the breakup, he will use this knowledge against you and use the power he has to take advantage of you. You wouldn't want that now, do you? If you want this to be done right, you have to be smart enough to not let your emotions get the best of you. Get a hold of yourself.

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If he has left you, and you are now asking for help on "how to get him back?", here are 7 tricks that you can use to make him come back. Don't be downhearted, and give him up, because you haven't lost him for good. There are quick and easy ways to solve your problem and learn how to win him back, even if he appears to have moved on with another woman. Is he still interested in you? Read on to discover how to increase your chances to make him come back.

1. The first, and hardest, step is to make him want to come back. You need to convince him that he still needs you. You were great together and if he remembers that, then he will miss what he no longer has.

2. You must remain his friend. You should show him that you will always be there for him, no matter what. Reach out with the hand of friendship, and he will realize what a catch he has let go. Show him that you understand him and that you are cool with what's happening. Even though you are heartbroken inside, you must not let him know that at this stage. Offer him a healthy, carefree friendship. This will help to relieve the stress of your breakup, and pave the way for reconciliation. This is the way to help him to realize that he really wants you back.

3. Any communication with him should be with kindness and positiveness, but you don't have to roll over and let him walk over you! You have to make him know that if he wants you, then he is going to have to respect you, and wait for you to come round. I'm not talking about playing games with him, but you have to respect yourself and show him that you are no walkover. This will ensure his continued interest in you, because he can't just have you when he wants.

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4. Although you are definitely playing hard to get, you still need to signal that you are available if he is prepared to put in the effort. You should get out socially, and maybe flirt with others, which will make you more enticing to him, but don't go too overboard with this and close the door on him. He needs to realize that you are there if he wants to come and chase you.

5. You are not that needy woman! You are not desperate, and you should never act that way! If you act like that, then he will either use you, or run a mile, but he won't come back to you in any meaningful way. You should signal to him that you are, in fact, OK with the separation, and are prepared to move on. This is bound to make you more attractive to him. Acting desperate will just have the opposite effect.

6. Give him subtle signals that you are keeping your eye on him. Not in a spooky, stalking way, but in an interested but unavailable kind of way.

7. He needs reminding of the good times you had. You have to do this in a casual, subtle manner. He will feel good about all the happiness that surrounded the two of you. Avoid any issues at this stage, there will be plenty of time for problem solving when he comes back to you.

These are just a few ideas on how to get him back, even when he seems to have moved on.

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Right after a breakup is a very difficult time in a persons life. It always seems as if there is no hope and our situation is impossible to fix. Know what I mean? And the truth is, every ones situation is different, but there are certain techniques that will work no matter what your situation is. To make things worse, most of our friends and family members will not be on our side. They will want us to just "move on" but they don't live our life and can't possibly understand just why we love them so much.

The first thing you want to do is ask yourself if you TRULY want to win him back. Sometimes it's better to move on and find someone new. At the same time, if you truly love them and just let them go, you could regret that situation for the rest of your life. If you decide that you want to learn how to win him back, then the first step is to do NOTHING,

Let me explain... right after the breakup the tension between the two of you is at a all time high, meaning anything you say or do, regardless of your intentions, might push them even further away from you. So, for a few weeks after the breakup, you want to have ZERO contact with your ex. This will give both of you time to cool down and make getting him back that much easier.

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