After a few weeks of dating, couples are in a new phase in the relationship. This is where the relationship transitions from courtship dating to long term relationship. The bond may be strengthened or weakened, depending on the couple. This is where the relationship loses the sparkle of being a new romance, but it has yet to reach the point of being a long lasting love.

This period is can make or break the relationship. During this time, couples start to show their true colors, and hope to the gods that their partner accepts them for who they are. But women should not just sit down, relax and watch this phase go before her eyes. She should take the wheel and keep the love alive, if she truly aspires for the relationship to last. Here are some pointers which may help keep the relationship burning.

Always be fun

Women should always be seen as a happy, sunny person that they are. That’s how they attracted their boyfriends in the first place. Show your boyfriend your fun side by watching his favorite sports with him, and at the same time, try your best to make him sit with you and watch chick flicks. It’s a good way to bond over.

Give each other pet names. This is done best if the pet name is sweet or funny. Tell jokes, and don’t hesitate however corny it may be. Don’t be afraid to act silly around each other. Nothing bonds couple more than goofing around together! If you’ll be this kind of girlfriend, then he’ll get more excited to see you every day.

Be spontaneous

This is that phase of the relationship where the sizzle starts to cool down. Everything starts to become routine, and that is the greatest challenge to overcome. Be a spontaneous girlfriend.

Do stuff like picking him up from home and take him for an unplanned road trip. Or if you do not have a car, go to the nearest bus station together and board the first bus, not knowing its destination. Or you can dare each other to sing loudly in public, where the winner will get a one hour massage. Memories from doing that kind of stuff will last forever.

Thank Him

Always thank your boyfriend for all those little things he does. Like opening the door, showing up on time or for picking up the tab whenever you go out to dinner. This will remind him that you pay attention to his actions and that you appreciate him. Men wants to be needed, and your little thank you will inspire him to do more good things that he knows you’ll be grateful for.

Never Let Yourself Go

During this phase of the relationship, couples start to get comfortable around each other. And this gives women the tendency to relax and gradually stop wearing makeup, and just wear whatever she thinks is most comfortable. She just won’t dress up the way she used to during the start of the relationship. But that behavior is deadly for any relationship.

A woman should never be too comfortable in a relationship to let go of her spark. It is imperative that she should stay in shape, take care of her skin, and dress up once in a while for her man. She should always remind him what a babe his girlfriend is.

Do Not Lose Your Independence

Women may get clingy during this period and that is a big no-no. Men are naturally afraid of commitment, especially at this time that he doesn’t have yet much emotional investment in the relationship. This behavior may make him feel suffocated and mentally urge him to flee.

It is important for women to maintain their independence. She should keep on having nights out with her other friends regularly. Make your guy miss you once in a while. Only hang on to your guy loosely so that he won’t feel like he’s trapped.

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