The promotion of a modern business is a complex process, so you need to use various channels to get new customers and have a good income. Hotels, firms, locations, and other facilities that are involved in the tourism sector should focus on maintaining social networks, targeting, and communicating with the audience. One should also not forget about the creation and use of news feeds addressed to the end consumer of a particular travel service.

Below is a comprehensive guide on how to use news feeds in pursuit of your touristic business.

Why are news feeds needed?
The news feed is called an event that may interest your potential buyer. It is a necessary element of promotion. Business owners use it to attract customers, create a company's image and form an opinion about the company's activities. The news feed may include additional information about the brand's activities, expert opinions, and announcements of new products or events.

The main goal of any news feed is profit: both monetary and reputational. For example, you publish company news, they attract the attention of the media, and they, in turn, create their own material about your news. All will help attract the attention of the audience and, as a result, increase your customer base. The central link of the news feed can be the company itself or its new products/services.

A news feed is a lot like a press release, but there is an important difference between them. A press release is characterized by an official business style, containing information only about a company, product, or service. A distinctive feature of the news feed is that the main topic in it should be discussed and attract as many audiences as possible.

However, the news feed itself isn’t news yet. It can be used to create a press release. The news feed is good because it draws attention to the content. This does not negate the fact that the main task of press releases is to inform, nothing more. Newsfeeds can be used in PR campaigns, promotion in social networks, and so on.

Newsfeeds help to reveal the outlook of the company, and also affect the loyalty of the audience. Here are just some of the events you can use to promote:
- release of new products/services
- planning important events
- holding promotions and sales
- informing about major changes in the company that affect the audience
- receiving awards
- acquaint customers with your brand

Criteria of a useful newsfeed
A good news feed, that will help you get marketing benefits, must meet certain characteristics. Let's consider the meaning of each of them:

The scale of the event. A major event has a better chance of engaging the media and attracting a larger target audience.

Relevance. Releasing news after the event has already passed is not a good idea. It will not be relevant, and this will cause a negative reaction from the customers.

Comprehensibility. The news should be clear to your potential customers. Ideally, this is a text that reveals the topic, but at the same time does not burden the reader with unnecessary details. The double meaning can make it impossible for your audience to understand the topic and react to it.

Significance. An unremarkable news feed will not be interesting to the reader, and therefore it will get lost in the stream of other news.

Positivity. Content that evokes vivid emotions in the reader - anger, joy, indignation - attracts attention. However, positive news feeds form a positive image of the company, affect the brand reputation and promote trust from the audience.

An effective news feed looks harmonious when it balances all characteristics. If it does not meet at least one criteria, then creating interesting content takes more time and effort. Moreover, it becomes less effective.

How to create your own news feed and why do you need it?
High-quality and not far-fetched news will not only inform consumers about new products but will also help to promote your company, location, and hotel. By systematically posting information on social networks and media, you increase the visibility of your business, manage its reputation, and expand connections.

When creating news feeds from scratch, make up a content plan for a certain period of time: month, quarter, six months, etc. If you want to make your newsfeed more effective, strategic planning is a must. More events are not necessarily better. Give your preference only to high-quality and meaningful news that can attract maximum attention.

Use personal ideas or those of competitors that you like. Also, take into account business analytical data, successful and failed cases, market news. Pay attention to the fact that even the most useful and meaningful content should be visualized by adding photos or infographics.

You can create an interesting and effective news feed by intercepting news from other companies - this is called newsjacking. This tactic allows you to do it for free and at the same time stand out from the competition. Intercepting the news does not mean that you need to tell about it first. The main thing is to join the event in time and convey your thoughts about it better. To do this, you need to track all the current popular news and react quickly.

It is important to use the news gracefully and accurately, without touching on complex topics such as military conflicts, religion, or death. It is also always worth checking the veracity of the information so as not to harm the reputation of your business.

How to promote your travel business with news feeds
You need to show your readers that you respect them. For this, you need to avoid intrusiveness, as well as be careful with topics related to emergencies. Learn from the mistakes of others: analyze competitors' shortcomings and audience reaction to them. Here are some schemes that you can follow so that your news does not go unnoticed.
- Analyze the information. Use research, polls, and forecasts for this. Based on them, you can prepare content that will be interesting to your customers. Select situations related to the activities of your business as the subject of analysis. For example, how the coronavirus pandemic has affected worldwide tourism. The main condition for this type of news feed is the reliability of the information.
- Collaborate with influential partners or celebrities. You can enhance the image of your company by creating a shared news feed with a well-known company or person. By using a partner's logo or brand name, you will interest the media and increase the trust of potential customers. Any interactions of the tourist business with a star will also not be ignored. Invite the media to interview with a media personality that will mention your company.
- Organize an entertainment event. People love gifts. The prize draw will attract a large audience and encourage them to participate in such interactions. High-quality content helps you attract potential customers, expand your audience and make your business popular.
- Tell your audience about important dates for the company. Are you celebrating your company’s anniversary this year? Let your customers know about it, at least. For such a reason, you can use almost all PR tools: give an interview for a local newspaper, conduct a campaign for regular customers, or come up with a special offer. Be sure to post high-quality photos and videos on the brand's official website and social networks.
- Tell your audience about interesting excursions. Viewers enjoy watching travel videos. Submit your video that will tell and show excursions. Hire a videographer who will shoot and edit quality content.
- Suggest topics for discussion. Cultivate a discussion or enter an ongoing discussion on issues that you understand. This is another good option to grab the audience's attention and show your expertise. However, the tactic is risky because you can face negative reactions or even open conflict. Therefore, it is important to carefully prepare for the discussion: read the literature on the issue or analyze the reaction of the audience to similar discussions.

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