The necessity of good and healthy eyes simply cannot be more overstated. They are really, as the adage goes, "windows to one's soul" and are therefore nature's greatest gift to humankind. It's seemingly impossible to picture out a single moment, leave alone one whole life, without them. Therefore, eye care has to be on the top priorities of your health regimen.

Bright, radiant, and more youthful eyes not only add value to your face but also characterize a state of equilibrium of mind and soul. Starting from childhood, children are taught the necessity of eye care, but not many actually remember or follow all that the moment they reach adulthood. So, here are a few eye care tips listed that will enhance the beauty, vitality, and functionality of your eyes.

To start with, you shouldn't ever touch your eyes with messy hands and you must refrain from rubbing them to a great extent. Finely sliced cucumbers and potatoes tend to be terrific cooling and comforting agents for the eyes and help in doing away with dark circles and puffy eyes. One can also apply a bag of ice a few times a day to be able to reduce the strain on the eyes. Several cosmetic creams that you can buy can also be used for treating dark circles. A popular and well-tried anti-aging moisturizing cream can be best used for dealing with wrinkles forming around the eyes. First and foremost, one should definitely take a good night's rest, which is viewed as incredibly vital for the health of eyes.

Excellent functioning eyes require vitamins and minerals, which one gets through consuming fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, fish and eggs. Thus, dietary supplements play a very pivotal role in keeping eyes healthy. Water in sufficient quantities is also as important as food. With a small amount of intake of eight glasses of water daily, it is possible to retain the moisture that is so important in keeping the eyes radiant and glowing with life. Yet another major benefit is that drinking a sufficient amount of water greatly helps detoxify the system.

Just as the body needs exercise to tone muscles and keep them fit, so do the eyes to help them relax and function smoothly. Two of the most popular workouts for eyes involve closing the eyelids and moving the eyeballs from side to side, up and down and vice versa for a duration of 30 seconds. The second exercise requires being focused on a pencil held at arm's length and gently bringing it closer to the nose in the same path. These forms of exercises supply the eyes with the required oxygen.

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