Ways To Let Your Wife Know You Love Her: How To Show Affection To Your Wife

Saving your marriage after an affair can be a challenge many husbands aren't interested in undertaking, especially if they're the ones who've been cheated on! Despite what's going on, you realize your wife cheated on you because she felt you were neglectful and uncaring. You're willing to go the extra mile to make sure this never happens again, even though you're hurt, because truthfully speaking, you know your actions led to her reacting in such an ugly manner.

Here are 3 ways to show your wife that you're a loving husband who is capable of caring, loving and cherishing his wife. These aren't an all-inclusive list, but they will give you a nice headstart on making your marriage work after an affair - yours or hers.

1. Cater to Her Interests Every Once In a While.

Many women have interests their husbands wouldn't want an ounce of involvement in. In order to win back your wife's affection, you'll have to suck it up and display some interest in her interests. Talk to her about those soap operas she watches on TiVo when she gets home from work. Rub her feet after she takes off those cute pumps she wears at the office and kiss her toes as you ask about her day.

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2. Relieve Her of Her Burdens.

Every woman daydreams of a day without responsibilities. If your wife cooks, cleans, works part time and manages the house while you bring home the bacon, consider giving her the day off - with pay! Arrange a spa day for your wife and her mother and/or best friend. Have someone take care of the children for the day and arrange housekeeping to handle the duties she usually does. Give her a nice home cooked (or catered) dinner that reminds her of how special you truly feel she is. This is something that, when done often enough (every other month or so), will have a positive impact on your relationship.

3. Sex Her Like You Care.

Sex is one of the most intimate, emotional and romantic ways you can literally show your wife you care. Sex is a fortifier of love between strong couples, even those who are working their way through infidelity after one spouse has had an affair with an outside party. Make love to her the way she likes it, and make her literally feel every ounce of your love as you kiss and caress every inch of her body.

Saving your marriage after an affair with these 3 tips to show your wife you love her are again simply a great start to giving you some ground in reconnecting with your wife and returning to happily ever after. Allow things to naturally inspire you when it comes to making her happy and if she drops any hints, by all means, please use them!

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Based on research, the majority of women actually yearn for more intimacy in their relationships, whether married or not. What most men do not understand is that women actually want to feel more connected with their partners and be genuinely loved.

Most women want to be deeply loved by their man, not in a sexual way, but rather in a deep emotional way. They often desire to be told why their partner loves them. They also love it when their partner tells them what is it that he sees to be so special about her. Most women unconsciously yearn for flattery. It drives her crazy when her man adores her.

Most women also say that if they can have something more in their relationships, then they would want to be kissed more, held more, touched more, caressed more, and most of all, talked to more. Additionally, if a woman wants to get more sex, she would like it to be a bit more of passionate love-making, rather than a chore that she has to fulfill just because she is his wife. The bottom line is-women simply want more intimacy, whether in or out of your bedroom.

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Other than being affectionate with her man, women also look for something deeper in their relationships. She wants to have an emotional connection with her man first, rather than go for purely physical connections. Hence, she wants to be a part of her man's life, before she can put down all pretenses so that she can give all that she's got in the sexual aspect of the relationship.

In order to get this "deeper emotional fulfillment," a woman has to be acknowledged by her man for what she is able to contribute to their family and his life. She has to be respected as capable, and intelligent. She also needs to be appreciated for all of her special features and wonderful attributes. Also, average women want more hugs, affection and intimacy on a regular basis. Most of all, they want their men to tell them that they're beautiful, that he enjoys her, and that he wants to be with her.

As you can see, women need to get a lot of reinforcement first, before she is able to be comfortable and give her best in bed with her man. However, men on the other hand, can do without getting any kind of reinforcement or intimacy even for very long periods of time.

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When it comes to finding ways to get frisky more often with your wife, you can find all kinds of advice out there - depending upon whom you ask. You will hear a huge range of suggestions, some of them good, some not.

Asking another man for advice on this topic may not get you very far; it is the rare man who can offer objective, articulate advice on how to get a wife's libido going again. While most types of advice you hear from other guys on this topic may work once in a while, the trouble with their advice is that it mainly applies to people who have just started dating.

You see, turning on your wife requires a very different set of skills than does turning on a woman whom you have not known for very long. And therein lies the problem with the "turn your wife on" advice you'll get from most guys.

To find out how to accomplish this worthy feat when you are in it for the long haul, such as a marriage, read on. Be forewarned: this may not be the type of advice you were expecting. But, you just care about what works, right? If you are wondering, "How do I turn on my wife?," here are 5 tips to get her motor running:

1. Do more chores:

Yes, women will tell you (and scientific studies have actually shown) that wives get turned on when their husbands do housework. And no, it's not the sight of seeing our husband prance around the house in his shorts and picking things up that does it for us ladies. Rather, the act of your doing housework accomplishes two magical things at once: 1. it lets us know you are trying to make our jobs a little easier, which makes us feel closer to you; 2. it actually reduces our workload, giving us more time for you-know-what.

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2. Be present more often:

Guys tend to have single-track minds. It's in your biology. When a guy is working, he is working. When he is on the phone, that's what he is doing. Because of this, men find it particularly hard to know how to just "hang out" and relax with their wives. But, if you can learn the art of just being around your wife more often - and being present - during downtime, you will get big brownie points in the bedroom.

3. Do something nice for her:

This one is pretty obvious as to why it works so well. And yet, guys for some reason need to be reminded of this - like - every day. So, here is your daily reminder: do something thoughtful for your wife and watch the affection start to flow your way.

4. Tell her often that you appreciate her:

Women - like men - love to feel appreciated. Even if you feel under-appreciated by your wife, show your appreciation for her anyway. Not only will it likely get you more trips to the sack, but it will also get you appreciated right back. Give some, get some.

5. Clear your schedules:

Finally, and this is the one that will help seal the deal: clear your schedules for a night or a weekend. No work, no chores, no kids (if you have them). Just the two of you. If you can afford it, head to a hotel. If not, stay home and have a romantic time in. Either way, just do it. Then, let the magic begin.

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Right at this moment, several people are asking this question: "How to get my wife to love me again?" If you are one of them, here is some help for you.

As you are only well aware, this is a difficult question that generally defies a simple answer. Several avenues need to be explored before coming up with an answer to this difficult question. The most important parameter to consider is your specific situation and circumstances. Does it mean that every one will need a different answer? The frank answer is: yes. But there are some basic strategies that any man can apply towards gaining his wife's love back.

Figure out why your wife has stopped loving you: You may think that you know the answer already but think again. The answer may not be as simple as you think. Your wife may not even be telling the truth when she says she doesn't love you anymore. I am not saying she could be lying. She may not know her own mind! So, you need to be clear about two things. Does your wife really not love you? And if she doesn't, what is the reason? This should be something you have done or you have failed to do.

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Now that you are ready to come to terms with the facts, let me cite a few most common reasons that might be the reason for your losing your wife's love:

1) You might have had an affair and she might have found it out. Your immediate tendency will be to say 'no' to this suggestion. But be honest to yourself. If a wrong has been committed, it can be corrected by making amends for it or at least by regretting it, not by denying it. Remember that you are doing introspection and you are not making a confession to anyone, at this stage!

2) Your wife found someone new whom she feels is better than you: You may be tempted to deny this also. Truth is often bitter to swallow but truth cannot be wished away by denying it.

There could be several others but I am stopping with the two most difficult to deal with. You will be able to identify other reasons.

Now that you have identified the reasons, you need to work on the problem. Many marriages fail because the real problems are not understood, much less discussed. The best way to resolve the problem is to talk it out. Communication is the one factor that can make the marriage work. Without the right communication, you cannot resolve any kind of conflict.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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