Across the world, investors and government are investing billions of dollars into infrastructure projects. The results? Are mixed. But besides these opportunities and challenges, each driver must learn how to improve road safety when driving. 

Traffic safety is crucial when it comes to transportation planning goals, as roadway developers are trying to find more effective wats to improve people’s driving experience and ensure that everyone reaches their destination without harm. For example, in 2020 in the UK, 24,470 people were seriously injured in road traffic accidents. Due to this concern, safety is a major responsibility to all drivers on the roads. 

Using your phone when driving is tempting, but it can also end someone life in seconds. 

  • According to a survey made in the US, in 2009 there were almost 450,000 people injured and around 5475 killed in car accidents on road due to distracted drivers.

  • Driving with children can increase the chances of getting involved in car accidents.

  • Due to research made in Germany, accidents occur during moments drivers remark to be low-risk.

There are too many breaking news broadcasting horror accidents in traffic. Police officers oftentimes discover that some drivers do not even have their hands on the steering wheel, and most of them use their mobile phones to take pictures or videos of their children in the back seat of the vehicle. And that’s not it. 

According to research, 68% of drivers worldwide are using their mobile phones to record videos or send text messages. Driver distraction, including mobile phones, is one of the main causes of car accidents. 84% of people across the world own a smartphone, which leads us to the conclusion that the ability to use the internet and social media increases the potential to distract a driver. All mobile phone interactions while driving are prohibited by law. But unfortunately, they’re not avoided.

Drivers cannot predict when and where to use a mobile phone while driving. Driving conditions are changing fast, so you can’t predict when it’s safe to answer text messages, phone calls. This requires taking your eyes off the road which is dangerous because you can get hit by another car. Or, you could be the one causing the accident. 

Reduce the use of electronic devices when you’re driving. Make sure you keep both of your hands on the wheel during a trip, especially if you’re on the highway. Keep your mind focused when driving. 

This could be interesting for you: reduce vehicle damage and accidents by installing video recording cameras, sensor systems, safety alarms, and so on. These will make your life simpler and safer. 

Road accidents are not all about damaging your car: they can cause serious injuries or fatalities. The number of deaths and injuries mentioned above is very alarming. Road safety is vital to protect your life, passengers’ lives, cyclists, other drivers, and pedestrians. 

Considering that quite a huge part of the population nowadays drives every day, road safety has become a top priority for some drivers. But unfortunately, most of them still break traffic laws. This is why most accidents happen. To avoid them, please consider the following:

  • Increase your visibility

  • Put additional safety features into your car designs 

  • Educate yourself before driving 

  • Reduce speed 

  • Don’t use your phone

  • Don’t drink and drive 

  • Take extra caution near schools, buses, and ice cream vans 

  • Take regular breaks – tiredness may be a major cause of road accidents

  • Use your car mirrors regularly 

  • Keep your distance from the car in front of you

These are the keys to defensive driving – you can avoid crashes if you reduce driving distractions. Aggressive drivers are prone to cause traffic collisions. But distracted driving is a more serious problem, as multitasking behind the steering wheel like texting, checking Instagram, eating, drinking your coffee, talking on the phone, or even watching TV series has become a normality, which it shouldn’t be. 

Driving is a thinking task, so don’t take it for granted. Stay focused and alert, as you must consider a lot of things when you are driving, including:

  • Your speed

  • Noticing traffic laws and signs

  • Your position

  • Road makings

  • Traffic signals 

  • Staying focused on driving safely

It is critical to drive safe, and avoid all the distractions mentioned above. Distractions make you less able to see potential issues and properly react to them. Most people would say that teen drivers are most at fault for traffic accidents, but it’s not true. People with experience might get too confident about their driving abilities. But all drivers need to remind themselves that focusing on the road is essential. 

Being alert and focused allows drivers to react fast to possible traffic problems. Obviously, drugs and alcohol affect a driver’s reactions and the possibility to pay attention to the road. Also, driving while you’re exhausted is another leading cause of crashes. So, be sure to rest well before your road trip. 

Be aware of what surrounds you – check your mirrors constantly, and keep your eyes moving in all directions. If someone drives aggressively, slow down and avoid a collision. If they keep driving dangerously, it’s better to get off the roadside, if it’s safe to do so. Keep your eyes on pedestrians, as well. They’re likely to not be 100% careful on the crosswalk. Some of them believe that they’re not responsible for checking the lights or the cars, so they just cross over the street. Do not depend on their responsibility! Be considerate of others and also look out for yourself. 

And don’t forget about seatbelts! Put on your seatbelt and make sure everyone else in the car is wearing it. It’s not just about the law, it’s your safety involved. All it takes is a couple of seconds of distraction to cause a fatal accident. Stay focused on the road all the time and whenever you need to make some phone calls pull over to avoid potential accidents. 

Author's Bio: 

Cynthia Madison