“... I have a lot many times, will do it later.”
“...No need to do this will do it later.”

We don’t know how many times, we have these words in mind and let our self delay the work which suppose to finish at that time. We keep delaying the important things repeatedly, and it becomes our habit. A Procrastination.
In simple way, procrastination is about promising own self to do particular work tomorrow, a work which you have planned to finish 3 days before. Keep delaying work doesn’t mean we don’t want to work or don’t like that work, But it’s just our compulsive or lazy behavior to do work on right time.

In order to achieve our life goal on time, we have to control on habit of wasting time anyway like planning and thinking. So here are the few things that help us in overcoming procrastination.

Know that you are Procrastinating
Before you make any further decision to solve the problem, you need to understand the problem well. A well-understood problem, itself provide a better solution.
Hence firstly you have to find out that you are procrastinating. Make yourself believe that you are doing it.

Find the reasons behind
There may be multiple reasons behind, why you are procrastinating. Find it’s your lazy nature, a fear of failure or an inability to manage time & work properly, which one is it a reason for your procrastination.
Reasons may change according to personality traits & individual behavior. You need to develop a positive mindset accordingly , so that it overthink about the simple thing and let you control.

Don’t try to be a perfect in everything
When you have a habit to do every work perfectly, then it may happen that work takes a long time than it has planned. Perfection in everything, result in a delay of the other work as well, because you have spent more time in first thing. And which impact on the following schedules.

Procrastination is a Habit
Understand that procrastination is a Habit, which grows by time. And one can not get rid of that bad habits that easily, so you have to build another habit. A habit which works against the procrastination, and cure for it.
Make a Habit to plan & follow your schedule, that’s what it needs.

Have a list of Task to be done, and follow that
A common way to overcome procrastination is to organize all the activities which you have. A scattered work always leads to the time waste and that’s in delaying the work repeatedly. Make a whole list of the activities, which you have in mind to finish in one day, in one week or in a month.

When you allocate the time and the activities well, the first step of overcoming procrastination is completed. For that you can also set your whole day, that will help in staying focused on goals and priorities as well.

Promise to yourself
Just making a well-designed plan is not a solution for the procrastination. You have to strictly follow the schedule. If you don’t take a plan seriously, then there’s no need for it. You need to promise to yourself about the conquering your lazy work nature. At the end you have to promise yourself, you will stick to the plan no matter what.

Prioritize the work
Working at a job or on a self improvement plan, there are lot many things you have planned to do. In order to achieve effectiveness, one has to prioritize their work. Know which work needs to accomplish and categorize based on the urgency. Set the level, and that gives a clear idea of what needs to be done, next.

Find the factors that Distract you
As per the plan, you have a schedule of guitar practice. But you are busy watching the funny vids on youtube. There is a distraction. As distraction are taking you away from your goals. You really need to find which things are distracting you, and also have an eye on the planning. Or you'll left with the regrets of life that you have not seize the given opportunity.

Set the Time limit
When we have so much task to be completed, we need to set the particular time limit for that. When there is no time frame, there is a task last long even then it has to be. So ultimately set the specific time frame, that this works I want to finish in one day or one hour.

Set the boundaries for the activities, so that it gives an idea of how you are wasting your times, unnecessarily. And things on which we need to work upon for handle procrastinating.

Follow self-discipline
Everything stays as it used to be if you have no taking it seriously. You need to follow the discipline first, it’s only you who can make an impact. Make a promise to yourself, no matter what you’ll never leave your plan or never let the procrastination control you.

Make a strict action on yourself and follow the activities as planned. And that’s the only way, we can finish all of our work on time and achieve want we have in our mind.

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Procrastination: Deal with it now, Not next Monday

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